tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Does this sound anything like a thesis statement?

I want to argue that the rise of neoliberalism in New Zealand brought about two things that contributed to the perpetuation of the myth of classlessness.

1. The Employment Contracts Act effectively disempowering unions and pre-emptively killing class action before it got started (insert appropriate Marxist stuff here).

2. The rhetoric of individual responsibility that sold the idea that equal opportunity leads to equal outcome as long as the person has the nous to get off their fat lazy ass and do something about themselves (insert appropriate Weberian stuff here).

Therefore, despite the increasing inequality that was happening all around the place, there was little to no class action and most folk figured that if they tried harder they'd get somewhere. So.. an illusion of classlessness.

Am I blowing smoke out of my ass? Too ambitious? I still have time to spout platitudes if this is unsuitable, but I'd rather do something interesting.. Smart people, please be honest.
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