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So this morning, I was copying something from a floppy disk (yes some folks still use those) onto my pooter, and as often happens, it wasn't working. It was making that "chunk chunk chunkity chunk" that says the disk is churning and nothing's happening. After the 16th bar I found myself disappointed that it didn't drop me a bassline..

Hi, I'm Tats and I'm an addict.

Footrot spray. Who knew? Although I wouldn't advise this, in fact I'd advise against it since it'll probably also dissolve your nasal lining, windpipe and half your lungs. Sure as hell made my eyes water.

No, I wasn't sniffing it for fun. I was actually treating footrot. MmmMMMmmm, especially the morning after a party. Oh yeah. But the couple who own these sheep are lovely people, and I just WANT to help them out, you know? They are a sweet couple in their 60s who are just getting a little bit past manhandling sheep, especially ones that grow as big as sheep grow when you look after them as well as they do. And they have a sweet old dog who's all IAMBIGANDSCARYPH3ARME! until you see he's all gummy. ;-)

We seem to have found a new flatmate. Or two. This is a relief for me, and I'm taking all the positives that I can get at the moment. Funny, on Friday I sat there with Polly and put it out there that I want my living situation to be stable. It's pretty much the only thing I had left on my list of 'clean up from this winter's mess' to get my even keel back. As is the way with universal provision, it didn't happen in the way I visualised it in my head, instead it happened in the way I would have chosen last, had I had a choice. But it happened, and for that I'm grateful.

Meanwhile, the essay has yet to write itself. I did spend some time yesterday bending someone's ear about it, and that's helped. I plan to take my 1450 words of notes, rearrange them into something that resembles an essay, then expand around those. There was icecream too. So it seems I took everyone's advice (yes, it was TOTALLY hard for me to go out dancing and get the endorphin-assisted brain phase going, oh yes) in combination, and it's worked pretty well. I now have an essay plan.

Thank you, academicky people. ;-)

Also, I'm starting to really enjoy the zen-drifting between dancing and sleep. Some pretty profound stuff happens in there. The trick, I think, is to let go of the desire to sleep, and just allow your head to float. Ees nice *nods*

Special shout-out today to happyinmotion, who actually made it out and danced until 3:30am, an hour I'm pretty sure he didn't know existed prior to this weekend. Thank you so much for that.

There's a bit of weirdness in my head today. But it's not MY weirdness, and I refuse to own it. Meanwhile, my body is going "You danced. A lot. With cool people, some of whom came down from Auckland special-like." Ways to make Tats happy Nos. 17, 35 and 762.

(playing with fire hoop and having one of the wicks come off and go flying past someone's head = not so cool. being able to do running repairs on the fly and keep going = awesome. heh)

Thing I am grateful for today - tolerance. In myself, of myself, in other people, of other people. The world could use a bit more though. Please see to it. Cheers.
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