tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Brain No Worky

Academicky people, a question.

What do you do when your brain goes "No"?

I've been at it for four hours, and mostly been writing whatever comes into my head (you know, that 'write to overcome writer's block' thing?). I have written 1450 words, mostly in note form, ideas, trying to connect and make sense of what I want to say. It's not an argument, it's not even a narrative. It's a bunch of random, disconnected thoughts that really don't mean much at all.

(removed bit where i bleated a lot about life in general and how it's life's fault i can't get this stuff straight in my head, then realised that actually, that's a pathetic excuse and instead of playing the blame game, how about i figure out how to hand in an A+ essay on Friday, thus giving life and its bullshit the big fat middle finger)

I have 6 days till deadline. Should I:

Leave it, maybe go read some more to see if that helps clarify?
Persist and hope that something comes out of it if I just keep at it?
Cry and beat my fists on the floor then go and eat ice cream, and come back to it when it's not quite such a big scary thing in my head?

People with experience, help? This is the first time I've struck this.
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