tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Non-serious post *phew*

I won a round with *ngo I deal with* yesterday. This means that on rough estimate I'm now achieving around twice my expected KPIs. This is a double edged sword. On one hand, it makes me valuable. On the other, it makes me hard to replace. Hmm...

Last night I showered before bed, as is my wont. Only this time, instead of drying my hair like I normally do, I went to bed with it wet - and consequently woke up looking like I'd stuck my finger in a plug socket:

Possibly because of this and the hilarity that ensued as I tried to get it to lie down, somehow Charlotte ended up dressing me this morning. I'm not sure what the label for this kind of fashion is, but any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I feel like I'm 5. ;-) Also, I look like a muppet.

And, um... what on earth is going on here? This is a label we found washed up against the house after the wind yesterday:

The best we can figure is that it's something that gives you orgasms if you sit in the sea with your laptop...

I may get my car back today, all fixed and shiny. I am slowly plugging through the list of things I have to do to feel on top of my life. Getting Saturday's sheep shorn will be a biggie.

By the way, I'm a pushover. I didn't want to shear the sheep, having decided that the hassle I go through to do it isn't worth my while - but shearers are like hen's teeth in Wellington, and the thought of all those sheep going through summer in full wool because they couldn't find someone else to do it, pushed me into saying "Yes."

I know it's not my responsibility to find someone else and that if I really don't want to I shouldn't have to, but like I said, I'm a pushover. ;-/ Also, the money will come in kind of handy I guess. Plz2b keeping your eye out for other shearers that I can put these people on to, so I can focus my shearing on clients who have decent numbers and good conditions. Cheers.

PS, Black Book is a good movie, ubergropinfuhrer.
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