tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

One fine day in Unzud...

Phil: Let's let the little children play together!
Helen: What a good idea! Ooh, lets!
Phil: They're doing it anyway...
Police: Yay! More time and money for chasing rapists and murderers!
Helen: What a good idea! Ooh, lets! *thinks about election*

Tony: *thinks about election* Mwuahaha.. can't pass this one up! *rubs hands together*
Tony: Psst! They're encouraging 12-year-olds to shag!
Media: Woohee! Ratingsratingsratings!
Public: BLEAT! BAAA! *much tearing of hair*
Tony: Mwuahaha...
Helen: Oops! Never saw that coming!
Phil: I was always misunderstood... *sobs*
Helen: *speedy and practiced about-face* Erm, actually *clears throat* I meant to say, well, 16 is too young, and, er... lets raise the drinking age again! Ooh yes, lets!
Public: Mumblebaamutterbaableat.. *appeased*

Tony: Cool! Check out the polls! *rubs hands together*
Phil: *buys paper, checks out employment pages*
Helen: Well, at least people aren't thinking about the budget anymore...
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