tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

It's going to be a fiiiine day tomorrow...

Yay for sunny days in which everything goes right. So tell me, does everyone feel better having had a gorgeous warm day to get out and about in? And what did you do with it?

This weekend was one of those ones that started out with "Gnng" and "Bleh" and ended up with "Yay" and *skip* - I like it when it happens like that. Faith in humanity = restored. Thanks to those who make it so. I'm... a bit overwhelmed actually.

tieke brought me back the funkiest horsey thing from the US - a photograph wouldn't do it justice because it's all about the running horses in 3D and it makes me go *SQUEE* Thank you! It always amazes me when people think of me when they are surrounded by fun and exciting happenings and people.

I've been conducting interviews a bit lately. Being a research assistant is fun! I get to pick people's brains about stuff. I know that most of my friends have certain opinions on the topic, but being able to go into it in depth and ask details of what they think, has opened my eyes to the many different viewpoints, and given me lots of food for thought of my own. Thanks to everyone who's participated so far.

"So what's it all about then?" I hear you ask in abject fascination.

Well, since you asked *cough*, I'm interviewing people who are or have been regular users of BZP based party pills. It's a qualitative survey researching people's opinions of the topic of party pills and drugs in general, and particularly their portrayal in the media, and the legislation that's currently going through about them, awareness of health issues, experiences, and anything else that springs to mind. I have a topic guide for things that have to be covered, but because it's conversation format, a whole lot of other really interesting stuff tends to come up too - and since I can talk on this topic for a very long time, it's a fantastic experience to listen to other people talking on it.

OK, now onto the bit where I try to drum up business. If you are or have been a regular (ie not just taking them once and going "Nah") user of party pills, and would be willing to participate in this research (confidentially and anonymously), please leave a comment and let me know. I've screened comments on this post to protect anyone who'd like to maintain privacy, so if you're ok with being unscreened, also let me know. And if you know someone else who might be willing to talk to me, I'd love to hear about it too. Alternatively you could email me at tatjna (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm aiming to interview 20+ people if possible.

And now, pretties! fuvenusrs sent me this cool bit of graffiti:

Finally, the Adventures Of Gadgit and Tami In the US Part 3:

"Hello All
Yes we are alive!

We left off in San Fran so will keep going from there. Spent the morning getting last minute bits and bobs (got some awesome Swarovski jewellery!!) and then missioned to pick up our rental car. We have a 2008 Ford Explorer. So flash, and shiney, and new. Kris has done the best job driving. Only had two incidents on the nearly wrong side of the road. But he is doing great.

Drove to Yosemite and stayed there for a few days. The first night we were there, there was a bear in our camp that woke me up! Scarey! - you have to put all your food and stuff in a bear locker so they don’t smell it and come to eat you. Went for a little hike up to Vernall Falls and then took a drive up to Glacier Point (you should google this).

[Tats in: So I did Google it:

Question: That's El Cap in the left background, right? [Tats out]

- it was totally mind blowing. It had a view of about 1/4 of the park and we just cannot describe how beautiful it is. Definitely the most stunning view I’ve ever seen. We were there for a ranger talk, and sunset, and then the astronomy club set up around the corner, so we got to play with these massive telescopes which was kool too!

We then headed to Reno and had a really nice time in a flash lil casino hotel and lost about $20 each...until Kris gave me his last dollar (and a kiss!) and i won $35 off that dollar!! Haha. Casinos are great! Had to do a last minute shop again for Burning Man, ended up being about $200 US on top of the $12000 we have spent to get here, but we are happy. We had everything we needed to survive.

Sooo.. BURNING MAN!!! So hard to describe. It was everything we had hoped for and a million times better. The sand storms were pretty intense. But the first night we were there we made friends with our neighbours who turned out to be the koolest people! We have canned some accom in LA and are going to stay with them in Long Beach in a few days. They are just so awesome. It was really hard to say goodbye to some of the people we met. So its just too much to explain. The art cars were out of control. The people were amazing. The days were spent sweating in 40degrees C and the nights were spent dancing and just trying to take everything in, it was great to be nocturnal! Will have to tell you about it when we see you next, I just cannot type it all! - But we have some awesome ideas for Kiwiburn!! Bring on Feb!

We left on Sunday to avoid 13 hours traffic from all 47000 people leaving on Monday + public holiday Labour Day traffic in USA.. Spent another night in Reno and slept for like 20 hours! We have just spent a few days in South Lake Tahoe (fast times in tahoooe!) and its a gorgeous little town that has a massive lake on one side and then huge mountains for skiing on the other side. It’s a wicked contrast. It reminds Kris of a big Taupo - and me (with all the pine trees and pine cones) of Riversdale.

Tomorrow we are heading to Sacramento and spending the day at a massive water park (think Seaworld in Oz but bigger :p) and then back to San Fran. Looking forward to that. I think after the week in the desert the water oasis will be just what we need. I swear we have showers like 3 times a day just to make up for the smelly desert ways!

Phewf, so much to type, not enough time. We are heading out for dinner. Will chat later and if not, see you when we get home."

They're due home on Wednesday, can't wait to see them and catch up on all their adventures. Tami has such a positive attitude, and Gadgit is one of my oldest friends, and it all just makes me go all mushy.


And that was probably more than your average Monday installment from Tats, so I'll stop.

I keep running into people who say the weather's going to pack up today. So I suggest enjoying it while it lasts. Mass work walkout? Hell yeah.
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