tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Heaving bosoms, thrusting manhoods - all in a day's work apparently.

After two nights on the new bed, my back is almost back (hee!) to normal. It's a huge relief to be able to stand up and not have to slowly crank my back into position. It also makes the pushups easier. junyr, I'm in week 5, day 2, and last night it was (from memory - whatever's in the third column) 25, 20, 18, 15, finishing off with 50 (45 sec rests in between). This is from a starting test of 16, and with a chest infection that's got me hacking like an old ewe with lungworm. Hope this helps with the inspiration to keep it up. Not the hacking, the results, I mean.

After discussion among the flatties, we've decided that we don't really need a guest room as such, and that we'll look for a new flatmate to live in there. Intense financial calculations ensued, and we've come up with ~$135 to cover rent, power, phone and internet for the room. If you, or anyone you know, is looking for somewhere, has a car (necessary) and would like to live in the country in a sunny, dry, large and pleasant environment with a group of easygoing 30-40ish people who like to have the occasional party, please send them our way.

I think I have a chest infection. *coff coff* At this point I'm still throwing my snowboard in the pile to go to Flock Hill, but I have to be realistic. My immune system has taken a knock or two lately, and getting really cold might be a bad plan - if I'm decrepit while I'm down there, I'll just hang out in the beautifulness that is Flock Hill:

Go for some walks, read some books, chat with neat people I haven't seen in too long, and rest my body and spirit. Oh, and dance my ass off all night on Saturday. Because dancing makes everything better. ;-)

Been watching The Tudors on DVD with pombagira and vernacularity (who cooked the most delicious steak dinner last night and is thus currently A Hero). I know it's probably not historically correct - I mean, how can they know that Henry VIII actually had dreams where Anne Boleyn asked him to seduce her, huh? - and is probably overdramatised, but it's pretty and interesting and JONATHAN RHYS MYERS!!! Nom nom nom. He is very charismatic as Henry VIII. He may be very charismatic in real life too. I think it speaks to my current level of cynicism that this observation was followed by the thought "I bet he's a right wanker." Hee.

And the clothes! Oh, the clothes! OK, so rompers and tights on men takes a bit of getting used to. But I really like the style of the men's jacket things, with the piping around the shoulders, fitted to the waist with a slight flare below. It's very flattering.

And the opulent fabrics. Last night there was a pair of rompers that were box pleated in silver fabric, with the insides of the box pleats in black, so when the guy moved, the box pleats opened to reveal the lining. Neat!

(don't worry, i won't be going to work in a bosom-thrusting baroque dress any time soon)

Oh, and Sam Neill? One of my perennial favourite actors. I love the way his Kiwi accent pops through occasionally still.

I won't be able to make it to climbing tonight, as I have to be home to take delivery of a new washing machine, and then I have a Very Important Dinner to attend. And then I'll rush home and make a pile in the middle of the floor, which richdrich can then go through and tell me I have to leave half of it at home or the van will collapse. Oh, and we're going the back way. This means Tats gets to see New Country! Which means lots of photos! *squee* Just what the doctor ordered.
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