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It's the new black!

The other new black is the Men Only Stitch n Bitch that should be organised. I know several men who have indicated they'd like to learn to sew. [Gadgit in] C'mon guys, it's easy! [Gadgit out] Therefore I reckon those with Teh Skillz0rs and those with the desire could get together and share some intellectual property (and possibly machinery). You too could be as *cough*well dressed*cough as me!

I'd offer, but I lack the required dangly bits and chest hair. (s'true!)

What could possibly go wrong?

So I image searched "manly cushion covers" and it came up with this:

Which, while not quite what I had in mind, would definitely be a sewing experience! la la la...

The sad part is, I look around at men's clothing in the shops and it's all so boring! I feel quite sorry for men with the cultural dowdiness that seems to be inflicted on them.

Yes yes, I know, insert feminist rant here. But really, if women can dress up in unusual clothing and get away with it, why not men? Mainly, because it's just not available (at least, not in the way it is for women)! And I know so many men who would wear funky designs if they were available. Hell, I know plenty of men who have brilliant ideas for funky designs of their own - but I only know two with the sewing skills to turn those into reality, and that's a shame.

I am currently contemplating manly skirts. I know they're out there, but I want to make some. I know several men who are ok with wearing skirts and dresses, and with a bit of encouragement and some good designs that actually fit and hang properly on a man, there might be a few more on our streets. Skirts open up worlds of possibility for dressing up funky.

(no boys, i won't be giving you dresses for your birthday, but if you've indicated that you'd wear it, i'd be keen to make something for you - or better still, help you make it for yourself)

But you're not limited to skirts, that's just my idea. I looked on the internet for inspiration, but ran into the usual problem - search terms that include 'men' and 'design' come up with T-shirts, pants and suits. Can I just say *yawn*

It's a sad state of affairs..

Last night I surprised myself by doing 25/17/17/15/35 pushups. 35! As a finish! Golly. And, after also rehashing my essay in Scroeder position

.. I have ended up with pretzel-shoulders, in that they are all twisted up and go CRUNCH when I wiggle them. Tats, taking it to extremes since 1970.

hee hee

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