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Ear trumpets, the latest in trendy fashion!

Climbing last night was everything I'd hoped it would be. I've had a year's break from it, partly to do with my constantly reshaping life, but also, if I'm honest, partly to do with my climbing partner having left the country and me feeling very flat about it after he went. He was a bundle of obsessive enthusiasm about climbing, and I fed off that to the extent where when he left, I found I'd lost the ability to motivate myself, and I kind of fell into not doing it.

Well, a year's break and the magic is back. I remember why it was that I fired his enthusiasm for it in the first place. The movement, the grace, the zen buzz of everything else disappearing while you focus on the next hold - it's all still there. This makes me very happy.

So I took it fairly easy on myself (nothing over 18, mostly stretch/balance climbs instead of grunter overhangs), because I also remember how it can totally munt you if you overdo it when unfit. Imagine my surprise to discover that the only bits that hurt at the end were my fingers, which have lost a bit of strength and were sore in the last joint from pressure that would normally be taken up on the tendons and muscles of my hand, and.. my neck! Yep, all that looking up while belaying - I'd totally forgotten how that can do your neck in.

But mostly, YAY! Everyone please give a happy skip for Tats rediscovering an old flame, and finding it just as enchanting as it always was.

I also finished off with the traditional large feed of fish and chips, because if you're gonna be a climber you have to eat healthy. *nod*

PS I have decided that if I were to put my friends up on RateMyFriends.com they'd get an 11/10. Used to be that every problem I had, I'd have to sort for myself, and I admit that I really struggle to lean on other people - it feels like an imposition. But now, I know that I can lean on people, and they won't drop me on my ass - and not only that, when I seek advice from people, what I get back is sound. This is a Giant Leap Forward for Tatskind.

This is a big shout-out to all my friends. You enrich my life, help me grow, and make everything shiny. *smooch* And to you, yes you, especially you, and you know why. *extra special hug*

Last night, when I got home, I found a bottle of ear oil on my desk, that xhile had dug out for me (thanks!). The deal with this stuff is that you put it in your blocked ear and it softens up the blockage so that when you syringe, it all comes out much easier and cleaner. So I put this stuff in and went to bed. During the night, it's worked its way in and lodged itself there. I'm assuming it's beavering away in there, doing its job, but currently it's adding to the blockage and I can't hear anything out of my right ear.

Given that my left ear only has about 50% hearing anyway, I'm kind of deaf. Deaf to the point where my boss has to shout at me, and I probably won't go to my lecture today because I'm thinking it will be completely pointless. Also, I'm having that thing you get when your ears don't work properly, and it messes with your internal sense of balance and makes you get seasick on dry land.

Which is totally weird given that I normally don't get seasick even on wet land. Or lumpy seas for that matter. I can usually sit in a room with no windows, inside a boat on a tossing sea, and be fine. But today, walking, driving and basically anything that involves moving, is making me nauseous. This afternoon on my way into town, I'll be buying a syringe - I can handle being deaf, but being seasick in my office chair is Not Cool, mmk?

I will be at Fidels tonight. I'm kind of hoping the blockage will have at least partially cleared by then, otherwise you're all going to get pissed off with me because seriously, my lip reading isn't that good.

Tomorrow, I sit down and bang out an essay. Sunday is all about fixing Mum's concrete (Yay! I get a grist!) Please tell me it isn't going to rain all weekend.
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