tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Those wascally wabbits!

I've decided that you're all wrong and that it's because my right arm belongs to someone else. In fact, it could be that my entire right side belongs to someone else. Also, whoever it is, you can have it back. Not only does it have a strangely smelly armpit, it also now has a weird muscular shoulder pain, a pulled lower abdominal muscle and some kind of pressure thing in the wrist. These three things, I think, are all related to pushups.

The only one that bothers me is the wrist one. Muscles heal fast, bones don't.

*cusses about girl-sized bones*

FFS why have we not evolved so that we can bear our bodyweight on our wrists yet? My Dad did lots of handstands, so I should have inherited strong wrists. Nyah.

I put Dettol in my armpits before my shower last night, thanks khaybee for the advice. So far, so good with the not-stinkiness. It was... weirdly reminiscent of skinned knees and other mishaps from childhood.

For those of you who don't know, Dettol is a disinfectant liquid with a very distinctive smell. I guess most people have smells that remind them of childhood - the fact that mine is Dettol probably says something about the kind of kid I was. ;-)

Scariest childhood accident that I never told my Mum about - leading a horse over a ditch, I slipped on landing and fell flat on my face. The horse, which had already taken off to jump the ditch, landed on me. Hooves to the shoulder and back of thigh, and one glanced off the back of my head on the way past.

I was really really lucky. And had to go home and change my undies after.

In other news - RABBITS!!! GRRR! There are loads of them, and they come in the garden at night. At some time, someone planted a bunch of spring onions (or chives or something) in the flower beds, and the rabbits seem to find these quite tasty. They have systematically dug them up and eaten the bulbs. At least, I assume they've eaten them.

I don't really care about those, but they've dug up other plants in the process, and leave dirt scattered about and a bloody great hole. *fume* This morning I went out to go to work, and there was a hole that you could have buried First in. Speaking of First, when this started to happen I suspected her, but it happens when she's tied up - and she doesn't eat bulbs.

So anyway, I put the dirt back, replanted the poor sad-looking wee plants that had been dug up, and sprinkled coffee grounds all over the area in the hopes of deterring them. If the section were properly fenced, I'd leave my dog loose at night and that'd sort it out - but there's no way I'm risking her running off and getting into trouble while I'm sleeping.

I'm told that you can buy commercial rabbit deterrent, and that black pepper works quite well to keep them off gardens, but you have to reapply it every time it rains - and it rains a lot, and we have large gardens.

And to be honest, I want to destroy the little fuckers. Yes yes, I know, cute, fluffy, how could you, etc. Also? Breed up to 6 litters of up to six kittens a year, destabilise topsoil, eat plants to the roots then eat the roots too, came close to killing off the agriculture industry in NZ, and not native.

Bunnies must die!

Given that getting a rifle is not an option, I'm running out of ideas. This morning I toyed with the idea of rat-trapping the spot in the garden they're digging (there's also a large patch of lawn - maybe 10 square metres - that they've eaten down to dirt then scraped up the dirt), but to be honest I want to kill them, not be cruel to them. And I think that unless a rat trap got them on the head, they'd run off with it clamped to their leg, and that'd be all bad.

Poisoned carrots might work (my dog not being a big fan of carrots) - anyone had any experience with poisoning rabbits?

*grrs some more*

There will be climbing tonight (sore bits? what sore bits?) followed by a healthy consumption of fish and chips. I am sticking to my goal of taking back my life and doing something physically active every day.

Monday - pushups. Tuesday - walked the length of Petone Beach and back. Wednesday - more pushups. Thursday - climbing. Tomorrow - still more freaking pushups (and there was something else too but I can't remember what it was). Weekend - lawnmowing. What? Not a physical activity? You should see our lawn - and our mower!

Last night there was a Gadgit and a Tami and oh boy do their BM costumes look awesome! They are going to have such a good time! *squees vicariously*

PS In my garden adventures this morning, I left a pair of pants and a singlet sitting folded on the garden wall. Flatties - if you happen to be passing, could you please put them inside in case it rains? Cheers.
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