tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Well tie my legs in a bowknot!

And prop my eyes open with matchsticks folks! Yes, 5am is the new time for waking up apparently. Which right now, I don't really mind, since I was asleep by 10:30 last night, after reading all about politics of the modern settler state of New Zealand. Jeez, Tats, why did that send you to sleep?

Those of you who've finished degrees, please to be informing me - at what point do you stop having to write about the topics they give you, and start getting to write about the topics that interest you?

I could very soon be participating in some research that I find really interesting, and for a change, not on the 'interviewee' end. Oooh! 'Citing! Thing is, would you let me interview you should I accept this opportunity? Please let me know in whatever form you find comfortable.

I am also considering participating in the SPORE survey again this year. Only this time, I'll go armed with a written report on the problems I perceive with their survey. One is that the selection process is such that the people they get are people who are actually tempted by a $20 cd voucher (ok, they get people like me too, but I suspect I'm an exception), have nothing to lose by doing it and therefore are more likely to be in a lower *cough* economic bracket (yes, I tried to say that diplomatically, but let's get real. most of the people who respond to the survey are young munter students who have yet to have a chance to learn to balance success in the real world with recreational lifestyle choices).

The other thing is, the questions in the survey are geared towards harm. If it's really trying to get a clear picture, where is the bit where folks get to talk about the health, emotional and social benefits they have experienced? I brought this up with the interviewer this year, but putting it in writing in a cohesive way seems like a plan.

OK, enough of the topic I'm fascinated with and you're probably bored with.

I am on the horns of several dilemmas. They make my ass hurt. Dilemmas can be dangerous beasts when provoked, don't pat the dilemmas, folks, and don't stick your fingers in the cage. Keep your eyes on the dilemmas at all times, back away slowly with your hands in your pockets and don't make any sudden moves.

Dilemmas aside, life is good. Hooping with rivet last night was especially good, partly because there was a fuvenusrs too, and partly because rivet makes everything better. And I did my pushups at her house, from memory, and got home to discover that I'd done Week 2 day 2 instead of Week 2 day 1. No wonder I found it hard.. I can't see any difference in body shape yet but I didn't really expect to, given that I have boy triceps anyway.

Today I'm wearing my new pink top. It's from Pagani (except, you know, I got it from savemart for $3). *sshhhh* Yes, I found the one item Pagani does that isn't aimed at 12 year old wannabe fairy girls. It's... hard to describe... ah fuckit, it's been a while since I pimped myself on my lj, have a photo:

Yeah. I like the neckline. Please ignore the bed hair. Bed hair is my New Look That Isn't That New. Yep. *nod*

In other news, am I psychic or just really good at reading people? And yes, I do need a light to get dressed. *sticks out tongue*

[EDIT] Weird spam: "Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life." Sophia Loren

No link, no advertising, no gigantic penises or fake rolexes. Just that. I happen to agree with her. Hehe.
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