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Tonight I went to see Underworld. Definitely not the sort of movie I'd normally go to but I was in the mood for some escapist fantasy and it seemed to fit the bill. Lots of people dressed in black and I found it hard to tell the vampires from the werewolves, although the vampires were in general better looking and had a better fashion consultant.

I don't think it was supposed to be a comedy but I found it kinda funny. And I enjoyed main character Selene's "Fuck you" attitude. And I think Kraven might have taken acting lessons from Professor Snape.

Good entertainment in a dark, cheap "Crow" imitation kind of way. Comment from my friend: Kate Beckinsale looked hot in that catsuit. And another friend reckons -he- would look hot in that catsuit (raised eyebrow).

Oh, and sorry ladies, no perv value whatsoever in this flick.
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