tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I don't care what you are

Courtesy of owlmonkey, who never fails to come up with cool stuff:

"I don't care what you are, I care about what you did."

A new slant on a communication tool - like owlmonkey, I had learned this one as a non-aggressive way of talking to someone about behaviour you don't like - not as a way of winning an argument. But I guess, when it comes down to brass tacks, it adds up to the same thing. If someone does something and you don't like it, you want that behaviour to change, and talking about the behaviour is a whole lot more likely to get a result than having a go at the person's identity.

I'd just like to say "What storm?" My Mum emailed me yesterday with one of those Mum-duty-type emails, saying "Are you all ok and still there?" - the implication being that something had happened that could have made us not be there and ok. And I'm completely oblivious. I looked around the internet and could only find heavy rain warnings, which I wouldn't think would be enough to concern my Mum.

So, folks. Can someone please tell me what happened yesterday or overnight the day before, to make my Mum concerned for my welfare?*

Meanwhile, this weekend I have a weekend of peace and quiet planned. It'll be all about the doing of things that make Tats happy, whatever they happen to be. One of the things I'd like to do is go over to SaveMart and refresh my wardrobe - it's the time of year when I'm bored with wearing the same thing over and over, and SaveMart is a cheap easy fix for that.

If it stops raining for long enough, I'll finish mowing the lawn, and do some tidying in the garden. Spring may not be properly here yet, but the back of winter is broken, the primulas and polyanthus are flowering, and it's time to fill the gaps that winter's left and sort out the ugly created by blown mess in the month that nobody wanted to leave the house.

I'm very excited about my self-indulgent weekend. *beam* Just to fill you in, I'm a bit of a loner - as a teenager, I spent more of my free time out on my horse by myself than I did hanging out with girlfriends (or boyfriends for that matter). All my life I've engaged in solitary pastimes as opposed to team sports. And for the last five years I've lived with grist, who is debatably the easiest person to live with ever - self contained, relaxed, cheerful and easygoing - and importantly, appreciative of the value of personal space, and out a lot, giving me the house to myself.

Since I moved to Horokiwi, I have had the house to myself for maybe 2 days, and these 2 days have been in chunks of hours rather than 2 straight days. This is no reflection on the qualities of my flatmates, they are awesome. But for someone like me, the lack of space has become a bit of a strain. So, my lovely flatties have conspired to give me some 'time out' for this weekend, in which I'm free to live as though I live by myself for a couple of days.

I couldn't ask for a better gift. Seriously, at the moment, this is my idea of bliss.

Yes, I know, I'm weird. Bite me.

So, prior to that, the usual Fidels Friday for me. And then I shall go home, turn my phone off, and luxuriate in aloneness. The amount I'm looking forward to it is a fair indication of how much I need it, I think.

I like this. Thanks, danjite.

* Yes, I know that Mums are generally concerned for their kids' welfare, but I'm talking about more specific concern.
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