tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Hi, I'm Tats and I feel better.

Waking up in the middle of the night, twice, with OMGAMAZINGly good ideas, is Teh Orsome. Waking up in the morning with no recollection of them except that you had them? Not so much.


Last night I got fed steak by pombagira and fruity whizzo pasty stuff with ice cream and custard by vernacularity. Now, pombagira is somewhat of a steak afficionado, and doesn't just buy your bog standard Richmond hot-boned (yes, Americans cue laugh track here) lump o meat. Oh no. She goes to the butcher! Remember the butcher? And she asks for meat that's been hung on the bone (cue more American giggling).

So this was no ordinary steak. Seriously, it was delectable. With mushrooms. There wasn't much left at the end...

After all of which I didn't really feel like doing pushups, but I made myself do them and was surprised to find that while not easy, I was still well within my capabilities. It does seem to be making my back hurt though. What's with that?

In other news, the spammers have been taking a new, tabloid-based tack lately. Last week I had "Britney Spears carrying Antichrist Love Child!" and "Man refuses to help girl, is killed!" And then there was the OMGWTFness of "Hilary Clinton Sex Tape!" Because, you know, everyone wants to see that.... and this morning there was the weirdest one yet - "Truckload of Dead Puppies!"

It bothers me a little that spammers have found folks will see the idea of a truckload of dead puppies as fascinating enough to open an email with that as the title. ;-/

I think I'm starting to like my tutor. He's... cynical and cranky and a bit teacherish, which may be why nobody else in my tutorial speaks up. But Tats the Brazen Wants To Pass, so yesterday's tutorial was me and him with an audience. Weird. At one point I asked myself if I was dominating the discussion, but I was waiting for others to speak up, and they just.. didn't. And I think he was just thankful that someone said something and latched on to that and ran with it. Anyway, it has helped to coheeze my lernins into something I may be able to write about. Yay!

Activity this week: the pushups, hooping, mowing the lawn, climbing today. I am feeling much more like myself, which is nice. Yay for keeping up the momentum!

And also yay for long rambling conversations with Mistress Polly. I've missed those. *hugs*
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