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Slack - it cuts both ways, people.

"In her book *Zen Miracles,* Brenda Shoshanna
defines the "shadow" as being the unacceptable aspects of ourselves that we dump into our unconscious minds. As we avoid looking at that hidden stuff, it festers. Meanwhile, we project it onto people we know, imagining that they possess the qualities we're repressing. The antidote to this problem, says Shoshanna, is to "eat our shadow" -- haul it up from out of the pit and develop a conscious connection with it. Doing so not only prevents our unacknowledged darkness from haunting our thoughts and distorting our relationships; it also liberates tremendous psychic energy."

[Tats in: Energy which could then be directed in ways that are much more useful to our personal goals. Just saying.]


I don't set that much store by astrology, so when I get the Brezsny newsletter, I read all of them and pick the ones I like. This one jumped out as being particularly relevant to me and mine at the moment.

Since my work moved to Lower Hutt, I'm no longer able to walk to my lectures. I miss the walk, it's pleasant (usually) and also a good way to spend half an hour clearing brainspace before and after the lecture. Now, I have to take my car in twice a week, which leaves my with an issue - what to do with it while I'm in lectures?

There is free parking on the road by the Uni - about ten cars' worth. In the less immediate vicinity (within 500m), there's parking for maybe another 30 cars, which is always full. There is about the same amount of 'resident' parking ($40 fine if you park in those). There is no other parking for cars within 15 minutes' walk of the University.

Today, I parked in resident's parking because stuff at work meant I was running late, and didn't have time to hunt down anything less risky with a long walk. Yep, I got a ticket. So I thought, I'll be a good little pleb and go check out the student parking facilities. Imagine my horror to discover that student parking is $220* a trimester!

Maybe that would be ok if I were attending full time and leaving my car there all day, but I figured out that for 2 lectures a week, it works out at $10 an hour, a cost that I can't really afford. I can't afford parking tickets either.

Here are my options as I see them:

1. Take the train in and walk to Uni from the station. Has the inherent difficulties associated with all train transport, combined with the need for extra time off work.

2. Park my car in town on the meters or in a parking building and walk up. This is looking like a better option.

3. Hit up work to pay for a parking permit for me, since they are the ones that created this situation.

But before I do any of those things, surely there's someone who reads this, that's had a similar problem. Any suggestions as to how I could do this?

* For some reason (I blame blatant profiteering) it's only $80 to park for the summer trimester.

Tonight, I get a Polly. Pollies make everything better, everyone should have one. Or a whole bag!

Tommy flew out this morning, and now I am going to do the proud Mum thing. He is growing into an amazing young man. If he manages to keep his brain working the way it is right now, through his teenage years, I have every confidence that he's going to be One Hell Of A Guy as an adult. He's smart, he's a deep thinker and he has a sense of humour and a sense of compassion. I loves him lots and I'm really going to miss him. *cluck cluck*
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