tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I wish that all animators moonlighted as dressage riders so they'd know what I'm on about

Prince Caspian was cool. I enjoyed it much more than the first one.

It was a pretty short 2 1/2 hours for me, which means I was pretty absorbed. But, you know, the movie starts with a Dramatic Horse Chase With War HorsesTM, so that's pretty much guaranteed to grip me.

RAH! Friesian horses are Teh Orsome! And there were only a couple of OMG Ram Those Religious Overtones Down My Throat Whydontcha moments - mostly it was just good fantasy, and I liked the way the characters were made much more human in this one.

I do wonder, though, how they managed to get all the fauns to look like the archetypal stoner hippie woolpresser that I used to work with in the sheds.

I think maybe it's the way the hair, if you cross your eyes a bit, looks kind of like dreadlocks, and the eyes manage to look sleepy all the time. There's nothing in the movie about fauns being stoners, but, you know...

And I have my usual beef about the centaurs. They Aren't.Balanced. When people draw centaurs, they have a tendency to put the torso sprouting out of where the horse's neck would be, which throws them way on the forehand. Then, when they animate them, they have the torso leaning forward the way a horse would when moving naturally, and this looks wrong.

I think they should have the torso coming up from slightly (just slightly)further back, and couple the body the way a friesian horse (or a foal) is coupled, very short and on the vertical rather than the horizontal. When they move, they should have a collected gait with a high knee action, and be 'up' in front with the hindquarters gathered right underneath them. In profile, there should be all the muscles of the chest, then a slight dip backwards to where the torso comes out. This picture I drew a couple of years ago doesn't really show what I mean, but I'll have a go in the next week, and see if I can produce what I think a centaur should be balanced like.

Anyway, enough about my personal beef with animated centaurs. Go see the movie, it's fun!

Hehehe, I just bought this:

I couldn't resist...

Tonight I'll be at Fidels with Tommy, who flies out next Wednesday. He likes you lot!
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