tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Tragedy strikes the world of Shiny!

My psi hoop got broken last night. *cries a little* I'm not sure how it happened, but I suspect it was probably just dropped one time too many, maybe stood on (it happens, I've done it). All the internals still work, *phew* but the casing has snapped clean through right beside one of the batteries, about 6 inches from the switch. Considering that in the year I've had it, it's had a hammering, I'm not surprised that the stresses it's endured have led to a weak spot.

Now, what to do? I'm told that plastic welding is probably not a good idea, because of the heat so close to the battery and also because the integrity is already compromised and a weld won't take it back to 100% strength, so it'd be temporary at best. My next option is to email the guy who made it and ask him. I'm guessing the casing can't be repaired and that I'm looking at a new one. Since the internals still work, it'd be a matter of taking the old ones out and putting them in a new casing, similar to the process when the batteries need replacing.

I have no doubt it will cost me a pretty penny, but considering the amount of enjoyment it's provided to me and to other people, I think it's worth it.

From the OMGCUTE file:

Zen is 2 years younger than Tommy. He's going a little pink around the edges these days (this is what happen when light tan mixes with grey), but he's still totally got in in the Baby Seal Look department. Let's face it, he's been practicing for 11 years and has most of the people in his life wrapped around his little .. uh.. finger?

Also, on top of the 'portrait' setting, my new camera has a 'kids and pets' setting. O.o I'm not sure what the difference is, but the above pic was taken with the K&P setting and it's definitely cute...

And from the OMGDON'TSHOWHISDAD file:

*spots more of those chips flying off the old block*

Last time Tommy came to visit he had his first go at fire spinning. He tried hoop, staff and poi. Then he got enamoured with a pair of glow poi someone had at a KB work weekend, so I got him some for his birthday. You can tell he's been practicing, and last night he got to play with fire again.

Some folks would disapprove, no doubt. Kids playing with fire? *GASP* But I reckon if he starts now, by the time he gets to the age where he's doing all that crazy teenager stuff, he'll be proficient enough to minimise the chance of doing serious damage to himself or his friends - and our little group has the safety aspect covered quite well, so nuts to all those people who disapprove.

Today I shall cave in and buy the textbook for the course. It's $89 in the student bookshop, $113 at Fishpond (wtf?) $80US on Amazon, $365US in Germany through Abe Books (Double WTF?), and my various forays into RedBean and TradeMe have either resulted in folks who don't answer emails or witnessing bidding wars from desperate students that go over the price where it's worthwhile to buy second hand.

Welcome to the world of popular course textbooks I guess. ;-/
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