tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Right then

We will be on the radio on Saturday. This radio:

This Way Up - Sat 12 to 2pm - Radio New Zealand National 101 FM. Apparently we'll be on around 20 past 12, but I'm keen to hear the whole thing because I know f'all about the history of hoops.

And now I shall brag:

The hoggets busted their gate and escaped into the back paddock, scattering as they went. I sent First out after them, and after a while, she'd gathered them all back together, brought them quietly to the gate and put them through, with no fuss and no problems. She's now taking her side whistles pretty much every time, and is starting to 'gather' instinctively rather than being told. She looked like a pro. Rock!

So anyway, feeling rather pleased with my wee pooch, I was - and then, to cap it all off, I was hailed from the top of a nearby hill, from which the only real farmer (ie owns enough land and stock to warrant having dogs) in the area had seen THE WHOLE THING!

Let me recap: My dog, who hasn't worked much for 5 years and is approacing her dotage, put up one of the best performances of her life after only three practice sessions on untrained sheep - AND SOMEONE WAS WATCHING! Someone who actually knew what they were looking at!

*skips happily*

Very soon, we're off to heave logs around. Because we can. Nyah.
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