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And in a shining example of knee jerk "BAN IT!!" Mentality, New South Wales has banned fire hackys - after one 16-year-old hurt his ickle wickle handies with it. Because he grabbed it with his hands, instead of footsacking it the way you're supposed to with a hacky. Duh.

Yes, one stupid person doing one stupid thing spoils it for the other 300 people who have been using them properly. Yes, folks, that means there's a 0.3% chance of suffering non-fatal injury from using one of these things, and that's enough to ban it.

My fear, of course, is that the Australian government (and the New Zealand one by that sheeplike follow-Australia problem they seem to have - especially if National gets in at the election), will start looking at other fire toys that you aren't supposed to touch with your hands either. Hello? Fire nunchucks anyone? Fire whips? Fire staffs? Devil sticks? Even the ubiqutous poi, are simply fire hackys swung around one's body on chains. And if they think one dork hurting themselves is one too many, I can see even hoops getting looked at for banning. I have a small burn on my arm from practicing a new move last night - should I be arrested and my hoop confiscated?

Because, you know, we are all as stupid as that one person who hurt himself, and shouldn't be allowed to play with fire just in case we get burned. I bet you one thing, though - that guy is unlikely to ever use his hands on a hacky again.


Have some memes. The first one is from blur_kiwi, who gave me the letter 'L' for song titles (10 of them, I think) that are on my hard drive:

Lakini's Juice - LIVE. Not one of my favourite LIVE tracks, but off my favourite album. Secret Samadhi stands out because of its experimental nature, the profound lyrics vs thumping basslines, and of course, Ed Kowalczyk's awesome sexy voice.

Last Train to Trancecentral - The KLF. The KLF are arguably one of the first outfits to create true trance music, and pretty much anyone who was a teenager in the '80s will remember the Justified Ancients of Moo-Moo.

Legion - The Endparty. C'mon, everyone has their favourite secret goth-emo-synth-pop band, for sitting in cemeteries and drinking red wine to. The Endparty are mine.

Love your Ways - Salmonella Dub. Awesome dubby/reggae happy love song, never fails to make me smile and feel positive.

I won't settle for second best
I won't take nothing no less
And you, (girl it's got to be you)

License to Kill - Bob Dylan. Off the Infidels album. There are so many Dylan songs I could have put here, but this one was made after his voice deepened and gained resonance. I've always thought Bob was a better poet than singer, but his singing has definitely improved with practice.

Love Lives on My Street - Faithless. Little known track from the No Roots album, and instead of Maxi Jazz, the vocals are done by LSK, the guest vocalist for that album. I saw them live on the promotional tour for this album, and the respect they showed him on stage was really something. Faithless are in my all-time favourite top five musical acts (a la High Fidelity).

Live Bed Show - Pulp. One of their more depressing songs, but OH.THAT.VOICE.

London - Room Noir. From the Fifth Floor album. I bought this during one of the periods of black depression in my life, but for some reason it doesn't send me back there the way Apparat does. It's a clever album from a little-known pair of talented kiwi guys. They also did White Earth. You should buy them.

Let Me Entertain You - Shakespear's Sister. No, not Robbie Williams. Not even the same song, just the same title. This one is way better. Women with sexy voices. *nod*

Lunar Lammas - ManMadeMan. Funky bassline, good for hooping to, and an awesome melodic bit in the middle. Not-quite-house, not-quite-psy, I really like ManMadeMan.

So that's that. If you want a letter, ask. Now, have a photo:

We have delphiniums. Normally delphiniums flower in midsummer here. Tonight is the longest night of the year, ie winter solstice. So, this delphinium is flowering, outside, with no special treatment, at the complete opposite season to the one it should be. Go figure.

Now, back to the memes. Yes, it's that one where you give people TMI about yourself:

1. First Name: Hey You. (actually, it's Wendy, but, you know. How many people actually call you by your real name?)

2. Age: 38. I am continually surprised, amazed, and overjoyed that, considering the way I've lived my life, I am still fit, healthy, and pretty much all of me is in better-than-average working order.

3. Location: The Outer Stratosphere. Sometimes in Horokiwi, sometimes in The Dreaded Hutt where my work just moved to, sometimes completely inside my head.

4. Occupation: Exhibitionist first and foremost. Hedonist. Dancer. Player with fire (gives the finger to the NSW government). Studier of people, life, and most recently, social policy. Last on the priority list, qualifications developer for an NGO standard setting body.

5. Partner: Depends what in. Crime, usually rivet or pombagira. Romantically, xhile - he makes me happy in lots of ways, and is constantly surprising me with new cool things in his brain. Intellectually sparring - happyinmotion (also in lusting over chainsaw porn). In dancing all night, richdrich, ferrouswheel, and firebell. Gosh, I have a lot of partners.

6. Kids: Last time I bred kids, I got two sets of twins and they confused the hell out of my heading dog by climbing trees when I went to muster them. They were much cuter than the ones in my post the other day, being boer/feral crosses, and all white and ginger spots. Oh and also, I have a son. He turns thirteen tomorrow, his name is Thomas after my Dad but everyone calls him Tommy. Yes, people in my family have a habit of being born on pagan festival dates. I was born on Beltane. Anyway, I have one day left of being cool, before I become someone who's embarrassing to be seen with.

7. Baby names: Uh... wuh? Some people do that, don't they? I never did, except when it became necessary by, you know, having a baby to name.

8. Brothers/Sisters: I have a brother. grist. He's 16 months older than me, according to Mum, and we used to get mistaken for partners when out together. He is tall, dark, with brown eyes and a beard. I'm... not. Anyway, he's awesome. I lived with him for five years as an adult, and in that time we didn't fight at all (unlike when we were kids). He's really laid back, smart, funny, and just the perfect person to have as a brother. Especially since he knows lots about stuff I don't. No, you can't have him. He's mine.

9. Pets: First wouldn't like to be called a pet. She is a Lady Of Leisure, thank you very much. Except when she's not. She started life as a working sheepdog when I was shepherding at Tinui, now she's 10 and I'm semi-retired from that job, she mostly lays around in the sun getting belly rubs and cleaning up the house scraps. Occasionally she gets to chase sheep, at which point dignity is forgotten and she's all intense, quivering focus. She couldn't pull the skin off a custard, but she's brilliant handling delicate jobs like ewes with lambs, and sheep that don't know dogs. *loves first*

10. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

1. Study.
2. Learning how to be in a relationship that isn't about power relations, trying to find a balance between independence and interdependence.
3. Mum's illness - which doesn't take up much time, but takes up a lot of headspace.
4. Art projects zooming around in my head.
5. Dancing. It's always big in my life.

11. Where and for what did you go to school? In Northland, because my parents made me. Unlike most other kids, I really had no option - Mum drove us to the bus stop 4 miles away, the bus picked us up from there and took us to school. There was no escape.

12. Parents: No, I just appeared fully formed one day. Of course I have parents. Mum is now living in Wellington which is awesome. Dad died in 2004, aged 81. He was a dolphin trainer, amongst other things. Bet nobody else here's Dad was a dolphin trainer. Nyah.

13. Who are some of your closest friends? Pretty much the same people listed in the partners section. Plus some others. Since I moved here, I finally feel that I have real friends, who I don't have to pretend for and who like me anyway, because I'm me, instead of because they want something. Thank you, friends, for helping me learn to trust people.


OK done memeing now, have another picture:

This is the view that greets me every morning when I get to work. It's the window display of the plumbing shop downstairs. ;-/

Seems I'll be going to Fidels tonight too, at least for a little while, because I promised I'd meet Gadgit there. Anyone else want to join? Also, Dave = teh Rock.

Right, that's enough for one day...
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