tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

nom nom nom squidge

Today, I ate jellyfish for the first time. It has an interesting texture and a nice base flavour, but I think it'd need additional flavouring to make it really tasty.

I also love dressing up, and you probably know that by that I don't mean cocktail dresses and spiky shoes. I like costumes!

Last night was the first psy party there's been in Wellington for a while, and the fire dancing crew were going down for a spin, so I needed stuff I could hoop in as well as dance.

Enter the stripey rainbow socks. Over-the-knee socks are brilliant for keeping you warm when you're wearing hotpants - but what else?

I know! Two more pairs of socks! One lost the foot bit, had a thumb hole cut and voila! Over-the-elbow gloves! The other pair were cut open lengthways and sewn together end-to-end to make a halter-type top. And a bunch of pipe cleaners from the $2 shop, lalala..

Yes, I looked like I'd been vomited on by Rainbow Brite. But, xhile was ok with being seen with me, because he was a Study In Orange:

So that was fun. In fact, after a cold and windy start with the fire spinning, we all moved indoors and danced our happy little asses off. For a psy party, it was slow starting - dubstep* to house to breaks to psybreaks with a bit more dubstep thrown in, and finally the last 2 djs played some real psy.

They also had a brazier outside, which was really nice. More parties should do this.

I left at 6:30am, after one guy kept following me around asking if I'd go to Auckland to 'party with them' if they bought me a plane ticket (uh), and I had to use my dog-training voice on another couple who wouldn't take no for an answer with my hoop. "NO. LEAVE IT." It wasn't till empom mentioned it that I realised I'd talked to them like they were dogs.

But it worked! Ha!

Thus followed sleeping till 3pm, and the lovely Northern Thai dinner cooked by khaybee and danjite that included optional jellyfish, noodles, chicken, spiced cabbage, lime and challots. Have I mentioned how much I love living with foodies?

Now I have to go back into town to get my car, since it was sensible for me not to drive home this morning. Sorry thirstygirl, I am not going to make it to the flatwarming, since falling asleep on someone's couch in the middle of a party is not the done thing. Instead I'll be falling asleep in my bed, with my boy (who is no longer orange), and revelling in the fact that unlike most weekends that I go out dancing all night, this time the party was on Friday so I have another day to recover and potter about. Tomorrow I am making sheep.

Also, yay to richdrich for being a worse diehard than me, and to Bron who has been my partner in last-on-the-dancefloor crime since before I even knew her, and to all the people who turned up and spun fire in adverse conditions to entertain the people.

Hey, did anyone else who was there notice the large percentage of dreadlocks? I was overwhelmed by dreads....

*Dubstep = dance music for stoned people.
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