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Black stuff up the nose.. mmm, attractive!

I dont know if it's all the kerosene smoke I inhaled last night, but today I seem to be having some kind of reaction. It feels for all the world as if I'm on drugs. O.o Well, I guess I am, if caffeine, inhaled kerosene smoke, and OMGMYCAMERAARRIVEDHAPPY counts..

Symptoms - eyes slightly jittery, everything feeling a little bit unreal, a bit shaky, internal happiness and empathy, desire to hug people, short attention span, 'feeling' music.

So, um, what's abnormal about that, Tats? Dunno. It just feels.. different. Hmm. Possibly a little low blood sugar going on too. *goes to check in mirror* OK, pupils not dilated. Odd... oh well.

Also, today my hair gets No Love.

Yesterday I got to sit in a lecture theatre and fire questions at the Minister for Social Development. I have to admire her passion - she's really into what she does, and while I don't necessarily agree with everything she stands for, I have respect for her dedication, and her willingess to admit when she doesn't know the answer to a question. I was also kind of taken aback that she stood up there and cheerfully told a first-year that he was too young to understand an issue. She was right (the question was about the growth of the barrier to employment when one has been on a benefit long enough to a) be accustomed to living on subsistence income and b) have forgotten what the positive aspects of having a job are), but to actually say so in a lecture theatre full of young idealists is.. brave? stupid? Dunno.

It was interesting, anyway.

Last night I had pervy dreams. About a woman. I've known for a long time that I'm not completely straight, which is mostly to do with my view of attractiveness not necessarily being based in the physical or the shape of one's genitalia - but it's not often I actually go off into full on fantasising about women in a sexual way. *blinkblink* It seems to have flowed over into my dayawakelife too. Hmm. Maybe that was also the kerosene fumes..

So. Camera. Here I am with my happy snappy switched to FULL - ON and nothing to photograph. *sigh* It's fancy! And it makes a happy trilling noise when you turn it on! And I want to go running round taking photos of things! *restrains self* Speaking of which, khaybee was at firedancing last night with her camera, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of that.

Someone suggested that I attempt to do a strip routine with my hoop. I am trying to figure out the logistics of that. I'd also like to start doing throws while it's burning. EVERYBODY STAND BACK!!


Last night I pulled my keyboard apart and put it in the airing cupboard wtih toothpicks holding the plastic circuit sheets apart. If that doesn't help, I'll put it through the dishwasher as suggested. After all, as Happy pointed out, I have nothing to lose, right? Right?

And finally, today I'm sending props to xhile and rivet. Just because. We love youuuuuu!

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