tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

So, um, about that relaxation support group..


(there was also a jodi and a polly and they made everything ok)

(only I'm not balding, mmk?and i do a cleaner job of shearing. a lady came to the woolshed today and she told me that i'm the only person to shear her sheep without cutting them. it made me feel good)

So, I achieved everything I wanted to achieve this weekend. We have firewood, I got to hang out with Jodi and Polly and Happy, the sheep are shorn so no more thinking about that, and my hair is once more bright and sparkly. It amazes me how much having not-sparkly hair was getting me down.

But.. where did my weekend go? Oh hang on, I have the house to myself (first time since we moved in), and once this stuff's washed out of my hair, I'm off to the giant beanbag with a book. xhile is bringing me fish and chips and ice cream, because he rocks. I still have a good 6-7 hours of weekend left. Rah!

Also, the sheep seem to think we're in for a storm or an earthquake*. Whichever it is, it would want to be quite spectacular to make up for the unnecessary violence they displayed today. I am Teh Sore.

What did you all do with your three day weekend?

* When a storm's brewing (drop in air pressure?) or in 'earthquake weather' (WTF I dunno how that works but I bet you all know what I mean), the sheep are much more flighty and inclined to have violent and sudden outbursts of flailing. They're in good nick after the summer and are probably around 65kg each - heavier than me. Not for the fun times. But they're done. Phew.

[EDIT] And an earthquake there was. Hmm..
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