tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I am Teh Norty

I had a SPREE! Retail therapy ftw. No seriously, this girl loves her shopping..

Come on, every girl needs a scrub cutter! And this one is such a fetching shade of blue!

Also, this:

Because there's something very satisfying about grinding your own beans.

Also, I'm fascinated with old-school technology. The wheels on my push-mower are a work of art, and they make me happy as I chikka-chikka my way around the lawn.

This weekend I'm supposed to be shearing sheep (the shearing handpiece as we know it was invented in 1927). Is the weather going to hold?

PS apparently there's a dance party at our house on the 3rd of May. It's someone's birthday and that's a good enough excuse for me.
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