tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Playing at grown-ups

My stuff is all unpacked and placed around and about, the lawns are all tamed, we had a plantgasm on Saturday and consequently we now have gardens of floweriness (at least, they will be when they get a bit bigger) and I've caught up on my washing. When I got my clothes off the line on Friday evening, they smelled like Sunshine! I promptly replaced them with more, which have been hanging there ever since, getting well rinsed. *cough*

Yesterday, it would seem that Wellington and Petone were taken away for repairs. khaybee reckons that someone forgot to pay the view bill. Anyway, it was a perfect day for the Zombie Apocalypse, and as Happy rightly pointed out, there are a large number of trucks in the quarry down the road, to which we could attach chainsaws as a defence tool.

Also, we have a ditch. What started as one of Tats' crazy wild Hey Lets Have Some Relaxing Sunday Afternoon Fun ideas, turned into a flat team-building session as we cleared the drains on the side of the driveway. To get some perspective, the drive is approximately 250m long, and the drain was blocked for about 20m of it. So we dug and levered and the men made man noises and the women made man noises too, and now we have a ditch. We also have arms like cotton wool and socks that are made of pure clay, but we are very proud of our ditch. It's about 18 inches deep and the same wide and it WORKS! So the bottom of my car is safe for the winter.

On Saturday, we had Visitors! Yes! People came to see us in the wops, and we sat around on beanbags and shared a meal and goofed around and it was just like I'd imagined it would be. Through the weekend we had pombagira, Gadgit, snottygrrl, Mum, clashfan, rivet, richdrich, mundens and happyinmotion drop by. Nice. And this weekend coming is our housewarming. Come! Bring a friend that we don't know yet, and some toys!

I am liking this playing at being a grownup thing. Also, the creepy ceramic dog-head looks less creepy with bright orange marigolds all round it. I refuse to throw it away, it might just repel zombies.

In other earth-shattering news, I have accidentally changed my hair colour. I'm not sure how it happened but I used Napalm Orange, Atomic Pink and Electric Blue, and I've come out with some really interesting copper and some lovely violet, with blue lowlights and the odd pink/orange highlight. It's not what I intended but I quite like it. It may be because I was outside in the not-quite-rain with the foils in. Hmm..

Finally - a question. I know there are arty types on my flist who might be able to answer this. In my unpacking, I found a sculpture I did a few years ago in Oamaru Stone. Now, Oamaru Stone is crumbly and soft, and it needs some kind of coating/sealant to prevent it from shedding dust as soon as someone breathes on it. Can any of you recommend a product or type of product I could use?
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