tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The thin fluoro yellow line

This morning there were a bunch of policemen standing around at the entrance to the docks, looking for all the world like a dayglo version of the Ministry of Public Works - we postulated about whether someone had stolen their cars as we drove by. Walking back past them, we witnessed one of them running - turns out he was running to get in front of a truck that was turning in, in order to stop it. I presume they were searching trucks going onto the docks. Of course, now I'm wondering what they'd be searching for. All guesses considered.

(they did have cars - four of them - we saw them parked out of sight behind a building)

Anyone know what this was all about? It was the most casual-looking sting operation I've ever seen..

I have to say I'm enjoying my walk around the waterfront in the mornings - at least while the weather's so nice I am. Looking at the boats, where they come from.. this morning there was a boat tied up there, from Lyttleton, called the Spirit of Competition. Makes me wonder who named it, and what they were thinking at the time. Was it a successful attempt to destroy some kind of shipping monopoly? I say successful because the boat's obviously pretty old but still running.

Tomorrow is my deadline for going back to sparing part of my brain for policy. I have one more evening of academia-free brainspace. I plan to use it catching up with Morgan and enjoying him while he's still here. Come join, Fidels after work, if you'd like to see Morgan (Tuatha) and haven't already.

Finally, in world-record-breaking news, the dialup internet at the new place hit a whopping 1.3KB PER SECOND last night! For information on the Horokiwi broadband situation, read this. If it wasn't the truth, it'd be laughable. Anyway, can someone please fill me in on the ins and outs of directional antennae? We have line-of-sight to both Kaukau and Matiu-Somes, but there are trees in the way, and from what I'm told this affects such things, yeah? If we were to do some judicious pruning, would this help bring us out of the stone age?
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