tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Wild Life

OK, so now that everyone in the world except me has seen 24 and 24 again and another 24 and Why the fuck do we need so many 24s? - It seems Jack Bauer is out of a job. He just sent me p3ni5 enlargement spam. "I guarantee I am hot with the chicks!" He claims. "You can be too! Just go to krackercheese.com!"


Anyway, last night I achieved something that you need to be Really Special to be able to do. I depilated all my nostril hair, Scorched Earth style. Note to self, and all the other fire hoopers out there: when hooping around your neck, breathe out when the flames are close to your face, in when they are at the back of your neck.

Words to live by. I have yet to think of a burn ointment that I'm ok with putting up my nose. There is definitely a 2nd degree burn in there. There's also one on my right forearm. Signs that Tats needs to spend more time practicing.. on the upside, I got me a dose of Jodi which is always nice, and a dose of Bron. I'm a big fan of Bron, in fact I may have a wee bit of a crush on her. I like to bask in the glow of her enthusiasm. Luckily, she has enough to power a whole city.

Yesterday evening we filled an entire cage trailer with the stinking rotten rubbish that our predecessors left behind, and this morning's mission was the Southern Landfill, first thing. It made me late for work. But, now I can park my car in the shed, which is nice. And the mice might go find their takeaways elsewhere. Also, we have possums. They like to dance on the lawn in the moonlight, with First as an audience. She is somewhat ambivalent about their performance.

And my attempts to find the back boundary fence have thus far not come to fruition. At one end it starts, then disappears into a giant tangle of gorse and blackberry, and on the other side there is nothing, right to the far boundary. My conclusion is that there isn't one. Which is bad in the respect that putting stock (even cattle, which is what I want to use to clean it up) on there would be tantamount to making a donation to the farm next door. But it's good in the respect that I can perhaps convince the landlord that having a boundary will increase the value of the place to the point where he actually does something about it. Thinking of a good way to broach the subject...

And, tonight I get a Gadgit. Gadgits make Tats's happy. Yay!
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