tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

We have pretentious stone lions!

Good things:

Watching the sun rise over the Orongorongos from our lounge, after watching it set over Mt Kaukau last night, also from our lounge.. Having the sun wake me up at 7:30am by streaming into the bedroom in a deliciously sunshiney way, and then enjoying the extra several hours this adds to my day.. Having visits from Sydney, Polly and Morgan (morgan! yay!) all in one day, and dreaming up ways of keeping sheep in places with crap fences.. Getting the lawns mowed and a whole flower garden planted.. Discovering that khaybee is as dangerous in a garden shop as I am.. Going through my cds and going "Wow I didn't even know I had that!" .. Watching First basking in the sun looking all To The Manor Born..

Medium things:

Not having any internet at home. While I kind of miss it, I really like the extra time I have for doing things that are much better for my soul, like, you know, unpacking my stuff, enjoying the outdoors, making my environment beautiful.. Having a garage to put my car in - once we fix the roller door so that it doesn't take 2 people to lift it and a spade to prop it open.. Having a gigantic garden with about half an acre of lawn - lovely and requiring mowing. I bought a push mower (Happy take note) and yay for me not being the only one that's ok with that. Ripe blackberries!

Not so good things:

Picking up one of the 20 bags of household rubbish that the previous tenant left in the aforementioned garage and seeing about 15 mice skittering in all directions. We shall have to poison them, since traps require reloading and with the quantity we have that would mean reloading them about 4 times a day. Having to leave to come to work - although the new parking arrangements suit me - sharing a car (Happy take note again) and expenses, and a lovely walk around the waterfront to work.

We are having a housewarming on the 5th of April. The house is already very warm but it'll be warmer after you all come visit and revel with us, mmk? I promise to have put my Lucky Undies away by then to save your eyes. There will be dancing, and the pretentious stone lions may get on down with us all. If you don't know the address, email me (tatjna at g mail dot com) and I'll send it to you.

Best thing of all - seeing the smile on xhile's face this morning peeking over the shower door, in one of those moments when we both realised that we are living our respective dreams.

Speaking of dreams, last night in my dreams I had to yell at my dog a lot, and one of my friends invented a new nipple piercing, involving a stainless steel vertical pin and two tiny cymbals, so he could chingching along with music. O.o

(policy? what policy?)
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