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The Leech Industry

And in Defies All Logic news:

Please explain to me the logic behind refusing to send out job descriptions to people who have enquired after jobs you have advertised. I'm sorry, but being discreet about the identity of the employer is not a logical reason.

When someone sees a job advertised that interests them, the first course of action is to find out more about the job. In order to do so, the next logical step is to view a job description. This description does not need to contain specific details of the organisation for whom the job is being advertised, but an indication of whether it's private sector, government sector or something else is useful when deciding if one wishes to pursue a job. More important, though, is detailed information about what a job actually entails. The job title "Receptionist" gives an indication of what a job might be, but the receptionist at my company also does admin and some operational stuff, data entry, catering and accounts. Receptionists at other companies do only reception. How is a person to know if a job is for them if they do not know what the job involves?

I understand that you probably get a lot of enquiries from people who are not suited to specific positions. You probably also get enquiries that simply say "How much does it pay?" and that that isn't The Done Thing. I also understand that you need to justify your own existence by being 'the experts' on matching people to jobs. After all, companies pay you large sums of money for finding the right people.

However, there are a few things you need to understand as well. Right now, with the lowest unemployment for 30 years and a skill shortage that's bigger than Texas, it's a seller's market. That's right. What that means, for those who haven't yet got with the program, is that you need us. In fact, your livelihood depends on us.

Now, given that money in your pocket relies on your ability to find people for jobs, surely putting people off applying for jobs by refusing to let them know exactly what they'll be applying for, is counter-intuitive. It does, I guess, keep the power with you in that when you interview people, you can then decide for them what job you think they are most suitable for. However, when people are going to other recruiters who will give out job descriptions instead of interviewing for who-knows-what job with you, it might be an idea to look at what you're doing, because you're losing the pool from which to draw.

I have a rare skillset. Headhunting is going on in my industry left, right and centre. And if I were in the market for a new job, you can bet your sweet patootie that I am not going to go through a recruiter that won't give me details of the job I'm applying for. If you refuse to give details, you will only get desperate people who are prepared to apply for any job sight unseen, for who knows what reason. What you won't get is people who know what they want, and have the skills for the specific job you're trying to fill.

Let me simplify this for you. There's an ad in the paper. It says "For sale. Car." You phone up to ask about the car, and the person at the other end says, "Sorry, I can't give you details of the car, but come and have a talk to me (make sure you bring your wallet and driver's license with you), and I'll try to pick a car for you based on what I think of you."

Would you bother?

Right. So, enough with the silly games. You are selling something, plain and simple. You have to describe what you're selling or the smart people will lose interest and go elsewhere to make their purchase.

Get it?

No, I am not looking for a new job. I'm ranting on LJ in righteous indignation, on behalf of someone else who is looking for a new job. If you know anyone who works at a recruitment agency that engages in this practise, please let them know that it's chasing good people away in a market where they can't afford to lose good people. Cheers.

Also, tonight I'm having my twice-yearly haircut. It's a momentous occasion. *nod* I'm waiting till after the move to recolour, and haven't yet decided what the colours will be. I have pink, orange, green and blue. Definitely not all at once, suggestions welcome.
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