tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

So um

I'm moving house.

To the country. Which is actually only about 5km out of the city, and has 10 acres of 'project type' land with it. By project, I mean that the boundary fence is down in several places and the internal fencing is almost non-existent.

I may or may not eat me a lot of peaches.

10 acres! Pastoral fantasies! All day sun! 240 degree harbour views! Double glazing! Sheds! Drive-on access!


On the practical side, it will cost me slightly more than where I am now, but not enough to make it unaffordable.

There will be four of us living there, most likely. And yes, this is the same house that xhile was looking at. We thought about it and talked about it, and decided, why on earth not?

Also, this:

The view at sunrise

The view at sunset

Panoramic shot from the hill above the house.

The house at night.

Y'all have to come visit, mmk?

Apparently it's Question Month. Or something. Anyway, ask me questions please? I need something to pry my mind away from the riveting memorisation I'm having to do at work today, social policy and OMGHOUSEINTHECOUNTRYSQUEEEE! So yeah, anything you'd like to ask me, go ahead. I'm shameless.
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