tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Happy Birthday Mr Pitt!

May this year be a continuation of the wonderful unfolding of who you are.

In other news, I am in turn Grumpy, Elated, Disheartened, Excited, Frustrated and Hopeful.

I wonder if, the longer the buildup and the more effort goes into an event, the longer the recovery period afterwards. Maybe the close-knit family that forms when everyone's pulling together towards a goal has to naturally split apart for a while after the goal is reached, just as a natural course of things.

I also wonder if it's something about me that I need to consider, that I am noticing the brickbats and failing to see the bouquets. It's somewhat disheartening to have worked so hard for something, and then hear afterwards all the things that could/should have happened differently. Makes me not want to try so hard.

In positive news, Plans are Afoot. Good Plans. Plans that could see me on my beanbag in the sunshine sooner than I thought.
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