tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

And I was like Whoah, and they were like Whoah, and it all was like WHOOAH!

"I would personally like to thank you for your tireless efforts and work throughout the year. You are an integral member of the Quals Team and the *company* as a whole. I am both pleased and proud to work alongside you."

This from my manager this morning, along with confirmation that I will be receiving a $6,000 payrise as of some time in the next couple of weeks, backdated to 1 January.

*does a happy little dance*

I've been working here 3 years come this April. In that time my salary's increased by $20,000 give or take a few dubloons. From the perspective of a candy-ass workin' girl from the woolsheds of Dargaville, this is meteoric.

Yes I am feeling rather pleased with myself and somewhat braggartly.

Meanwhile, today I have a very simple copy/paste job which is in line with my desire not to think too much.

My brain is feeling very full at the moment. It has little sections, one for work, one for active personal life, one for private personal life, one for uni... you get the picture. Anyway, at the moment the uni one is definitely taking up more than its fair share of space. The topic I'm learning is one where I started from pretty much zero, both on knowledge and on study skills.

Yesterday was the first day that I actually took notes during the lecture. I figured there's no point copying stuff from the presentation because I can print that from the internet the next day. But a lot of the things that are helping with my understanding are to do with the talking that goes on in between. So I was a student of the 'frantic writer' variety yesterday, scribbling furiously every time a light bulb went on in my head, making notes (mostly questions) for myself, in my way (messy), so that when I look back I'm looking at notes of understanding rather than notes of rote learning.

(this makes sense to me even if it doesn't to anyone else)

The other thing I'm noticing is that I have an internal rebellious individualist that objects to quite a lot of what the lecturer says - much of the talk is of the example variety, and because we're looking at problem-oriented social policy, it's from the perspective of there being something wrong with XYZ about the way society is run. So if someone doesn't have a job, say, it's because society is fucked rather than because the person may choose not to work for a living for whatever reason.

And my internal rebel goes "BUTBUTBUTBUT!!!" And I tell it to STFU because I'm here to learn about the way social policy works, so that I can then use that knowledge to my own ends. I'm not there to argue with the lecturer about self-actualisation vs societal influence. Although when I get on to Sociology... hehe.

So anyway, I crack myself up, with my little voice making all these facetious comments and my struggle to stay in the "Yes I am listening and learning and not forming arguments against what I'm being taught" frame of mind. And when I crack myself up, the guy sitting next to me itches to ask me what's so funny but doesn't because he's 18 and I am twice his age and have pink hair and anyway you shouldn't talk in class.

(i am sure that after a while i'll learn a technique to integrate my little pet individualist into the theories and essays, but first i have to actually learn the theories, eh?)

Also, the terminology is amusing. One of the methods of implementing policy is, apparently, to 'rehabilitate' the 'deviants' back into the values and norms of a society. At this point my little rebel started to have some sort of apoplexy, until it was explained that the 'deviants' were those people who deviated from the bell curve, and 'rehabilitation' was about helping them get back to the bell curve - like an unemployed person in a capitalist society for example, is a deviant, and we rehabilitate said deviant by sending them on courses or interviews, offering extra benefits to low income earners who are in work, etc etc blah blah.

To which my inner rebel went "But I have never fit the bell curve, and I know lots of deviants and they are all pretty much happy people who prefer to choose which values and norms they live inside, and have no desire to be rehabilitated!"

And a darker, more sinister inner voice said "This sounds like Big Brother, and not the dumb TV show."

So yeah, university is proving to be an interesting learning experience in lots of ways, not all of them being about the topic I'm studying. Hence the fullness of my head.

And what's with all the 18 year old proselytising Labour Party members? Where did they come from, and, well... WHY??

In other news, I seem to have left my cellphone at home today, so if you're trying to get hold of me, email is probably the best option.

Tonight, I tackle The Library, with the lovely pombagira, who has offered to hold my hand and defend me from the scary librarian people, and drop biscuit crumbs in case I get lost.

Monthly check-in: Are you enjoying yourself? Please explain. (i am, although this month's enjoyment is largely of the 'wowinterestingchallengingomgcanikeepthisup' variety. and the 'nice boy' variety too *smooches nice boy*)
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