tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Zen and the art of nifty fifty maintenance

Last night in my dreams, I learned how to fix a nifty fifty. So for those of you who have one, and need it fixed, look no further! Here is the answer!

First, you go to the outdoor sales shop, and buy a shiny metal box with two bolts on top. You undo the nuts, take the top off, and replace the gasket thing with a cardboard cutout from a Weetbix packet, then put the bolts back on. There. Your bike should now be fixed!

(no, you don't actually have to put the part on the bike. why would you do that?)

Then you take the bus. ;-)

Today I have a meeting about concrete (so no war and peace today). This seems slightly more interesting than the Austrian Plumbing and Drainage Guidelines, but only marginally. The meeting goes all day, because sitting in a windowless room all day is apparently conducive to producing new and interesting material about concrete. *nods* I shall give you a blow by blow account tomorrow..

*mass unfriending ensues*

Uni starts tomorrow. Please don't let me forget. Henceforth you shall be regaled with stuff about social policy and values in New Zealand. I am a little afraid of my opinionated self, and am thinking that pretending I know nothing about anything is probably a good plan if I want to gain as much as possible from this. *meep* Any suggestions for this?
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