tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Movin to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches..

Yesterday I had to shift the sheep. With Sydney's sheep, this involves going into the paddock and rattling a bucket at them, then trying to avoid damaging your knee any further as they all flock around your legs and try to trip you up as you lead them to the next paddock. It's a simple and inherently pleasant thing to do. There's something about releasing a group of sheep onto nice lush pasture and watching them go "OM NOM NOM NOM" en masse, that is satisfying to the soul.

I'ts no secret that I like to pretend these sheep are mine. And while I was filling their troughs (sitting and waiting in other words), I allowed my fantasy full flight. Now, I have care of them till Mid-March. It hasn't rained enough for the grass to be growing much, and they're running out. So, in my head I figured out a way of making sure there was not only enough grass to last them till Sydney gets back, but also to have some 'up our sleeve' for in case the autumn rains don't come. It involves straying from the norm! Grazing the sheep outside of the box! *gasp* And, I like that Sydney trusts me enough that I can do that and feel ok about it.

Why does pasture management give me such a thrill? Loop back to the bit that goes OM NOM NOM NOM.. if you've never tried it, you should. For me, it helps me touch base with my main life goal, which is easy to lose sight of in the day-to-day not-farmness of my life.

Have you ever:

41. Taken care of someone who was drunk?
Hehe, yes. I used to be married to a man who was the ‘binge drinking’ type alcoholic. Looking after him included such fun things as using the vacuum cleaner to dry out the mattress after he’d wet the bed while I was in it with him, and taking the shotgun off him so he couldn’t run off down the road and wave it at people who’d upset him. These experiences may have coloured my view of drunkenness somehow. I know, academically, that not everyone who gets a little tipsy is going to go right through to the incontinent stage of drunkenness, but I became very aware of the ‘stages’ people go through as they get steadily drunker, and there is a point (usually the point when people become unaware of the volume of their voice and start accidentally knocking things over) where I just remove myself from their presence because I am starting to be triggered by it. So, um, if you’re a drinker, I’m probably not the best person to ask to look after you these days.

42. Had amazing friends?
All of my friends are amazing in some way. For a while, I was amazed that I had friends, now I am just amazed by how amazing they are. ;-)

43. Danced with a stranger in a foreign country?
How about dancing with 40,000 strangers in a foreign country? Also, dancing in a dust devil for a drink of water, that turned into a bit of a snog with a hot boy whose brain was the size of a planet, who I will probably never see again. One of my favourite memories.

44. Watched wild whales?
Yes. Mostly sei whales, again quite common when working on the gameboat off Tutukaka. Punters would always want to go for a closer look, and I got to learn to be able to tell what they were doing by their pattern of behaviour. They come up, spout, then bob along on the surface for a while (you see their back mostly), breathing a few times, then they breathe in, and when you see the flukes come out of the water, they’re sounding and you won’t see them again for a while. A whale can swim a long way in 15 minutes.

45. Stolen a sign?
I stole the Pink Moa sign a couple of weeks ago? I vaguely remember sign-stealing missions back in the student days, but I honestly can’t remember what the signs were of.

46. Backpacked in Europe?
I’ve never been to Europe. I plan to remedy this in 2009 by going to Nowhere, and possibly adding some other adventures at the same time. And you can guarantee that wherever I go, a backpack will be involved. It’s the only piece of luggage I own.

47. Taken a road-trip?
Pretty much every trip’s a road trip, isn’t it? One of the more memorable ones was going from Dargaville (Northland) to Lumsden (Southland) in an old Mark 1 Cortina (you know the ones with the peace-sign tail lights?). It blew the head gasket in a spectacular way 5km outside Lumsden, and since it was worth nothing and we were nearly there, we opted to keep going. We arrived in a cloud of blue smoke with oil splattered all over the windscreen and making a noise like a jumbo jet. All 500 people in Lumsden saw us arrive. The car, as far as I know, is still in Lumsden. Someone bought it off me for $50 for restoring, we bought a Holden to drive home in.

48. Gone rock climbing?
For a while, I was climbing 3+ times a week. Bouldering’s more my style because for me, it’s about the art of movement, the feel of using your body, the balance, the grace – rather than getting to the top of something. Bouldering provides all these things, plus a gymnastic challenge, without the need for carrying ropes and gear or having a belay partner. My highest bouldering achievement was a V6 (roughly equivalent to 25 in climbing), but I think the grading system is subjective so it's hard to accurately say "I'm this good." That particular problem was a big wide dish traverse on smears and microcrimpers, using balance and stretch mostly - right up my alley in other words. Other V6s involve one-armed pullups while flagging out horizontally with one leg and reaching the other somewhere over your head. I'm not so good at those. These days I reckon I could manage a V3 but anything more than that I'd be struggling.

49. Midnight walk on the beach?
In New Zealand, I recommend wearing shoes for the midnight beach walks. We have bluebottles. My Dad used to sleep on the beach quite regularly – as he got older, he became more sensitive to bass, and when there was a party in the small beach town where he lived, he couldn’t sleep so he’d trundle off down to the beach and sleep in the dunes. It says something about our culture that he never got mugged or picked up for vagrancy.

50. Gone sky diving?
No, and it’s one of the things I have no real desire to do. Which is odd, when you think about it…

I can't believe Friday rolled round so quickly. All you lot in the US, I hope you enjoyed the eclipse. We missed out this time. *boo hoo*

Today I am wearing OMG white! Well.. a black and white checked short skirt, black top with pink overcardy thing, pink tights and gogo boots. People are doubletaking more than usual when they see me. I like it. I feel confident. It could, of course, be them going "OMGLOUD!" but I like to think it's because I look nice, and different. And if I feel good, who gives a rats arse what anyone else thinks?

Fidels after work for meeeee! Sorry allyn, I feel the same about the pub environment as you do about Fidels - it's just not for me. But these days I'm getting to see you other places, so it's all good. ;-)

PS I seem to have misplaced my cellphone. I'm sure it's sitting by my keyboard at home, wearing its invisibility cloak. If you text and I don't reply, I'm not snobbing you, I'm just suffering from domestic blindness mmk?
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