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Note to self:

I should know by now. I need red meat in my diet. I know there are people out there who do just fine on vegies and nuts and getting their protein and iron from alternative sources, but I am not one of them. I have found, particularly at certain times of the month, that red meat at least twice a week gives me a boost like nothing else does. I'm slightly anaemic but not dangerously so, it's been that way all my life, and taking pills has never changed it. It's just my natural state and as long as I keep up with the red meat, I'm fine.

So what does Tats do? Forget on a regular basis. After a week with no red meat, I get just a little brain-sludgy, and just a little uncoordinated. Things like yesterday's stack off my skates result from this slight off-kilterness. Skating home was a bad idea, in that 'doo doo doo lalala, didn't see that pothole oops why am I on my face?' kind of way. So yeah, at least I missed the bits that got damaged on the way in, and evened it out a bit on the way home.

It's a particularly unfetching shade of blue, and almost completely numb. I also have a shiny patch on my palm where the slide across the asphalt left a burn. Yes, yes, I know Happy, shut up. Kids, let this be a lesson to you, always wear protective gear, etc etc blah blah. *whistle*

Last night I ate steak. Today I feel back on top of things, but there was no skating to work because bits of me object to movement.

So anyway, have you ever:

31. Screamed as loudly as you possibly can?
Naturally. To release frustration/sadness/anger, and also to make myself heard by my heading dog that’s half a mile away in the face of a howling norwester. The day I learned to use a whistle was a happy day indeed, but I think I may have done permanent damage to my vocal cords, since these days even raising my voice a little will make it go raspy.

32. Held a lamb?
Ultrasound scanned a lamb, pulled a lamb out backwards, forwards, pushed one back in to sort its legs out so it can come out, removed one’s head so it can come out (it was already dead), cried over the ones I couldn’t save, had a boxful of orphans sitting around the fireplace (and usually sproinging around the lounge by morning), chased one out of the house/vegie garden/pigpen, decided pet lambs are for folks for whom the novelty hasn’t worn off yet, hand reared and then killed and eaten a lamb, shorn a lamb, dipped, dagged, docked and earmarked a lamb… you get the picture. ;-)

33. Seen a total eclipse?
Only a lunar one. Last year in August actually, sitting on a ridge at Flock Hill with the mountains all around, sending thoughts out with all my being that my Mum would get well. And hey, guess what? She may not be cured, but she’s having a reprieve that nobody expected. Yay lunar eclipses!

34. Ridden a roller coaster?
Of the funpark variety, no. But I’d like to. Anyone wanna shout me a rollercoaster ride for my birthday? Of the life variety? Constantly. I love it. Only, when I’m in the dips I have to be reminded that I love it.

35. Hit a home run?
I don’t think so. Last time I played softball was as a teenager and I remember being really shortsighted and refusing to wear my glasses, so the ball was a blurry thing whizzing fast through all the other blurry things, and hitting it was a.. well, a hit and miss affair. Mostly miss. I used to get picked last for the ball sports. Heh.

36. Danced like a fool and not cared who was looking?
Dancing like a fool and not caring who’s looking is almost a religion for me. When I was a teenager, I used to pogo. I’m glad I grew out of that, discovered I had hips, and learned that rock wasn’t the only style of music. I like the feeling of being so in my body, and will quite happily dance for hours, even if nobody else is there. Also, my respect for people who play the music for me to dance to, has grown as my love for dancing has. It’s an art to read a dancefloor and make the music happen in a way that moves people.

37. Adopted an accent for an entire day?
Yes, well, kind of. When I was a kid, I had a very British accent, and consequently in my cosmopolitan and multicultural country school, I was labelled ‘The Whinging Pom’, even though I wasn’t really a whinger. It’s simply what Poms were considered to be, apparently. So anyway, I got sick of this and decided that if I talked like everyone else, I wouldn’t get hassled any more. At age 14, I used to practice when I was out riding my horse. “Paaaast, laaaaast, wun (instead of one)..” How’m I doing?

38. Actually felt happy about your life, even for just a moment?
Most of the time, in fact. If I were to drop dead tomorrow, I (on the offchance that I don’t just go out like a light, I have it all wrong and there is some form of afterlife in which I’m aware) would be pretty happy with what I’ve done in my life. I have some regrets, but even the things I regret have turned me into who I am now, and I’m mostly pretty happy with who I am. I have noticed, though, that as soon as I start to get smug about it, I get thwapped.

39. Had two hard drives for your computer?
I think the last time I had two hard drives was around 2002. At the moment, it’s four (I think – could be three – it varies).

40. Visited all 50 states?
State of grace, state of sleep, state of so-cracked-out-i-might-as-well-be-a-zombie, state of utter exhaustion, state of altered perception… yeah, I reckon I’ve visited at least 50. Oh.. OH! You mean states in the US? Um.. California and Nevada. As Meatloaf probably wouldn’t say, two out of fifty ain’t bad.

In other news, it must be weird being a car salesman. I watched a guy this morning, dressed in a suit and tie that would not be out of place in the business district, towelling the moisture off cars, mincing around and trying hard to keep the car goop off his clothes. It's a blue collar job that you have to wear a white collar for. WTF?

Check-in time: Are you enjoying yourself? I am.

[EDIT] Hahahahaaa! So the government schedules a roundtable of international experts on effective drug policy, and Jim Anderton fails to show up for it! tenchinage has something to say about that.
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