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I have noticed that as the weather gets colder (it really does seem like the season turned while we were all away at Kiwiburn), my desire to skate to work has reduced. But I'm still doing it when it's not wet underfoot. When it's really cold but dry and frosty, can someone please remind me how much I enjoy my morning skate?

Have you ever:

11. Visited Paris?
No. I am told that Paris is not all it’s cracked up to be, in fact I’ve heard that Paris at 6am is one of the most depressing cities in the world. Yet, I’d still like to go. I’m sure I could find beauty there. Also, it’s one of the cities that if someone said “Let’s go to Paris!” I’d likely say “OK!” without putting too much thought into it. Unthinkingly romantic? Me? Probably.

12. Watched a lightning storm at sea?
Yes. Where I used to stay in Maungaturoto, it looked out over ironstone country towards the sea. When there was a storm, occasionally you’d get lightning hitting the ground and shooting along, as well as the lovely seastorm. It was beautiful. Being in a lightning storm at sea is something I wouldn’t recommend, however. Or, at least take a change of undies.

13. Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise?
Hehehe. No, of course, I’d never do that. Nope. *shakes head* I think my record is three days straight, at Burning Man 06. Sunrise there is weird, all the shadows fall the wrong way, and it ‘feels’ like sunset.

14. Seen the Northern Lights?
No, but I have seen the Southern Lights, when I was living in Gore. They aren’t as impressive, so I’m told, but they’re still very pretty. Shiny things in the sky!

15. Walked the stairs to the top of the leaning Tower of Pisa?
No. However, in our kitchen, on top of the range hood, we have the Leaning Tower of Pizza Boxes, which gets burned periodically when it hits the ceiling. I have had this fall on me. Beat that!

16. Grown and eaten your own vegetables?
Yes, I have also grown vegetables only to have them be eaten by various varieties of livestock, namely goats, sheep, chickens, horses and one determined escaped pig. My conclusion? If you’re going to have livestock and vegetables, the fence round the vegie garden is the most important one you’ll ever build, and some steel reinforcing underground to a depth of 30cm is a good plan. The other important fence is the one around the chicken run.

17. Touched an iceberg?
No. I used to be involved with a guy whose ambition was to go ice climbing on an iceberg. While I could understand the sense of adventure in this, I completely fail to understand ice climbing as a pastime. All that gear, all those clothes, the freezing cold, and doing what amounts to gymnastics with large spikes sticking out from your toes? I don’t get it. And virtually zero variety of moves. *kick, chop, kick chop move up yawn*

18. Slept under the stars?
Yes, although to be honest, apart from the bit where you’re just falling asleep, I’m not sure what the big deal is. You’re asleep, right? And when you wake up, you’re normally damp. These days I prefer the lack of romance involved with having something between me and falling drops of water, however I do think it’s something everyone should try at least once.

19. Changed a baby's diaper?
One of the inescapapble realities of having a kid. Before my son was born I had never even held a baby, so it was kind of a ‘thrown in the deep end’ thing for me. All that stuff about being ‘motherly by nature’ and whatnot is, in my opinion, bollocks. Anyone can learn to look after babies, they aren’t that much different from puppies. Oddly, the lack of a definitive set of instructions when they come out means that every man, woman and their dog feels it necessary to tell you how to do things. For me, all advice was welcome as I knew nothing. The best advice came from the Plunket nurse who was mostly about ‘you’re doing fine, just keep doing what you’re doing, all this is perfectly normal’ type advice, and these days they are one of the few charities I give to.

20. Taken a trip in a hot air balloon?
Nope, and oddly enough I have no real desire to. Building one, however – now there’s a challenge I’d love to have a go at. Large scale art ftw!

Speaking of art, last night in my dreams, my Dad came to Kiwiburn and created an art piece. This is odd because my Dad has been dead for nearly four years. However, every now and then he pops up in my dreams and jumps around waving his arms. The cool thing about this art was that it's very clear and sharp in my mind, and something I can recreate. One could say my Dad just stabbed me posthumously with the spear of inspiration. Nice.

Love you, Dad! ;-)

I think I may have to bite the bullet and admit that I have tinea. I have no idea how I got it, as I don't frequent swimming pools or walk around barefoot much, but when I was applying cream at 1:30am this morning because the itching had woken me up, I realised that denial is not doing me any good. I've been using Daktarin on it for nearly two weeks, twice daily, but it doesn't seem to be reducing it any. I'm very aware that winter's coming, complete with boot wearing and stocking wearing and not much chance to 'air things out'. So, can someone please recommend a good, fast working treatment for this? I've never had any kind of fungal infection in my life, and this is ooking me out. And anything that wakes me up at 1:30am on a regular basis should die painfully and fast.

Please to be sending good thoughts to pombagira, who is in a job interview right now.
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