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Three bags of clothes into the wardrobe, and three bags out. This means that the total number of clothes I own hasn't changed, simply rotated and maybe (perhaps) got slightly more colourful.

I got bored with just pink:

Apologies for the crapness of the pic, I had to use flash and by the time I'd photoshopped the "Iamavampirewerewolfzombieandimgonnabiteyouonfacebook" out of the pupils (stoopid no redeye removal) I couldn't be bothered doing anything else. So no, I'm not really dying of some horrible anaemia. It's just the pic, mmk?

Anyway, now it's pink and blue, as advised by a row of people who'd had too much coffee on Friday night. Not sure whether I like it yet.

I also got inventive and made a hatstand out of a tree that had died in the back garden:

(can you tell i needed one? previously all this fluffy stuff was in a pile in my room)

Also, last night I saw High Tech Soul. Things I found interesting - the gigantic egos involved in the techno production scene, which are still orders of magnitude smaller than those in the hip hop scene; that it's black people (mostly) making music that white people (mostly) pay for and go to see (unlike hip hop); that people from Detroit are quite scathing about electronic music from anywhere else; and that djs that look bored are boring to watch no matter what they play - obviously the reverse is true too - a dj that interacts and looks like he's enjoying him/herself will get away with a lot more.

Anyway, I'd say that High Tech Soul is mostly a movie for buffs, rather than a 'general interest' movie. If you're not into techno (and I mean techno as a genre, not as an umbrella term for all electronic music), then it probably won't hold you for the 90 minutes it runs for. For me, it was an interesting background to part of my passion, and I'm really glad they all credited Kraftwerk *looks pointedly at helix and harks back to kiwiburn07* as pioneers of electronic music in general and techno in particular.

Also, Hi Tek Soul - Helix remix is now in my head. And even Badgers Badgers is going with a techno bassline. Argh!
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