tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The skirt equivalent of trackies!

I has it.

Seriously. Made of polar fleece and all.

I will probably also not need to buy clothes again for the next year or so. Floaty chiffon ankle length skirt in camo! Black fitted bondagey top! Doc Martens! To work!


I have decided that my next mission in figuring out how to dress myself, is accessories. To that end, and since I was in a place where they charge $1 each for them, I have 3 new hats and a bunch of fuzzy scarves in various colours. And I need tights. This post brought to you by the approaching equinox, some rain and a distinct drop in temperature.

Also, today I am 12. And very shallow. But I have new stuff to kill the equinox dissatisfaction and beautify my environment.

I second the clothes swap motion.
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