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In which there are more words than you can shake a brazil nut at

Last night I discovered New Food. Brazil nuts cooked in pulled pork juice, nestled on a bed of olives. [/wank]. Courtesy of Southern Cross, rivet, indecision, Matt the Pom, and no cutlery. You should try it. *nod*

Yesterday, victoria7 did the 150 questions meme. And I thought, "Hey, that looks interesting. But I find it virtually impossible to just answer Yes or No to something that might have a story behind it (you may have noticed), and I figure inflicting that much information on anyone would be a bit rugged. So, I've decided to do it in chunks of 10. Here's the first one:

Have you ever...
01. Bought everyone in the bar a drink?
No. Mostly because I hardly ever go to bars. I can remember once being in a bar after the Southern Shears in Mossburn and there were like 300 people in there. I was a $15/hr wageslave at the time. You do the maths. When I find a bar with the right number of people in it that equates to my current financial situation, I'll shout, mmk? (this would be that really unpopular bar that doesn't sell cocktails and only has three people in it) Meanwhile, I'm happy to shout everyone fish and chips.

02. Swam with wild dolphins?
Yes. I used to work on a gamefishing charter boat off Tutukaka, and whenever a pod of dolphins would come in to play, we'd stop and jump in with them. The best experience was when I was pregnant with my son, I think the dolphins could detect the second heartbeat or something, because they were really curious about me. The would swim really close and look into my face, and one came up underneath and swam upside down past me, and our bellies rubbed together. It was cool.

03. Climbed a mountain?
Tongariro counts, right? He's not a very big mountain these days, but before he blew his stack he used to be quite a lot bigger. The legend goes that Tongariro was in love with Pihanga (another mountain nearby on the central plateau), but the brazen hussy was having a bit on the side with Taranaki. Tongariro had a tanty of mountainous proportions and Taranaki was so scared he ran off, all the way out to New Plymouth, carving the Wanganui River as he went. Tongariro was never the same again, and Pihanga is still a hussy. Anyway, my 'leaping' icon was taken on top of Tongariro.

04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive?
No. In fact, I don't think I've ever driven a sports car at all. The closest I came was when I was in Auckland helping my friend who was a car wholesaler, delivering cars to sales yards. There was a Porsche and a Skoda. I got the Skoda. We raced from Greenlane to Manukau. He won, but I swear it was by virtue of knowing the roads better - I had to follow him to get the right turnoff. Oddly enough, the Skoda was a lot like a Porsche (apparently), with the motor in the back and making all the same noises. It just looked like.. well, you know what a Skoda looks like.

05. Been inside the Great Pyramid?
No, but I'd like to. When I was a kid, my parents got interested in that pyramid healing thing, and Dad built a bunch of small pyramids, put meat under them to see if it stayed fresh, that kind of thing. It didn't really go off, more shrivelled up and went all dry. However, Dad's conclusion was that the pyramid thing was bollocks. I'd still like to visit them though. They're so old, and so amazingly built.

06. Held a tarantula?
No. And I doubt I could bring myself to. First, there aren't any in New Zealand, and second, TOO MANY LEGS! *shudder*

07. Taken a candlelit bath with someone?
Amazingly, no. I have had someone make a candlelit bath for me, and it's still one of my favourite memories. But, I'll have to remedy the lack-of-shared-candlelit-bathing situation, I think. Any volunteers?

08. Said "I love you" and meant it?
On many occasions. I say it to Tommy almost daily. Also, love is a word that shouldn't be used if it isn't meant.

09. Hugged a tree? ...and got splinters?
I have hugged a tree. One of the pines in the Botanic Gardens is brilliant for it, and there's one on the windy road between Brooklyn and Island Bay that has the kind of smooth bark that lets you do it without splinters. I have found that people are nicer for hugging though.

10. Bungee jumped?
No, but the other night I watched a dvd of Fargo Dan doing it. He did a graceful swan dive from the platform, and for the first time in my life I thought "Hey, I might want to try that one day."

There you have it. Riveting stuff. And meanwhile, crsg asked about 1985. Hmm, OK. I turned 15 in 1985, and was living in Waiotira (teeny tiny locality in the depths of central northland) on a sheep farm, and going to Tauraroa Area School (population 200 students from primer 1 to form 6). I was in the 5th form and it was School Certificate year. This was back when you could actually fail. I know! Terrible! Wrecking all our delicate self esteems like that!

*cough* Anyway, I remember that Madonna was the big celebrity that every girl was trying to look like, Duran Duran were Hot As Fuck, and all the boys in my class had the hots for my Mum. (ew!) I was competing on my horse most weekends in one day events (dressage, cross country, show jumping), courtesy of a very nice father-of-a-friend who took her around in a double horse float with an empty space. My horse Casey was my transport and I thought nothing of riding 25 miles to visit my friends.

I had a crush on Stephen Spence, who on reflection was a skinny git with a big nose and a bigger ego, but at the time he was the man of my dreams. I was not in the 'in' crowd, or in the 'out' crowd. I didn't really have a 'crowd' because I was always away on weekends with my horse, and most of my friends went to another school. I got suspended for calling one of the teachers a bastard. I got in the only fight of my life, in which I pushed Babette de Jong up against the lockers and started laying into her because she'd been needling me for weeks in one of those "Hey, there's someone I don't know or care about, lets pick on her" situations, and I finally cracked and lost it. I had to be dragged off her. Oddly, I wasn't really punished because the teachers had seen what was going on. The upside was that Babette and her cronies didn't hassle me any more. I beat my brother's score in a maths exam for the first and only time in my life (96% Nyah!) I was embarrassed about my parents, my hair, my skin and my complete lack of breasts. I was blissfully unaware that my butt was the topic of lunchtime discussion amongst the boys. At the end of the year I discovered polocrosse, alcohol (yes, i tried to be a drinker for a while) and the man I was eventually to lose my virginity to, in that order.

I don't think I'd like to go back to being 15.

Hmm. So much for reminiscing. What do you make of this?

It was sitting on the side of the road as I walked to the bus this morning. My initial thought was 'domestic' or 'someone didn't want their flowers' - but then I saw the camera and got to wondering how these two things came to be where they were. But, instead of writing still more stuff, it's your turn. Tell me how you think they got there. Write me a story. If you can't be bothered, write me a ficlet. Hehe. Of course you have to do what I say, I own the whip. ;-)

Speaking of ficlets, thank you snottygrrl for ensuring that my dreams last night were full of Harry/Draco slash. Now, normally I'm not a slashy kind of girl, but last night I most definitely was. Nuff said.

Finally (yes, I can hear you sighing with relief), Matt the Pom (not to be confused with Matt the Scouse) will be joining us at Fidels tonight. He may not make it back to NZ for a while, since he's off adventuring in a hot pink fun fur covered Reliant, amongst other things, over the next year or two. So, if you met him at KB and remember him (yellow mohawk, fun fur suit, London accent), or even if you don't, come down and say hi. He's damn good value.
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