tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Calling all Wellington Burners!

I just had a text from Dougal (whose knee is fine now), asking if anyone can provide couch/floor space for Matt the Pom (of mohawk and neon furry suit fame) for tonight, as his plans have fallen through.

If you can, please comment with contact phone so I can pass it on. Comments are screened, so don't be shy. ;-)

[EDIT] Sorted. I love Wellington burners!

[ANOTHER EDIT] I've unscreened comments and made this public because there's no need for personal details, and would like to add a NEWSFLASH!

Serendipity will be in town first weekend of March! Yes, this coincides beautifully with the Dance Collective/Pink Moa decom party (to be held outdoors in a secret location). Tell your friends! Let's give her a stonking good time so maybe we get to keep her!
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