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One of these things is not like the other ones (brought to you by the letter S)

Last night I enjoyed a lovely dinner with rivet and pombagira at Capitol. We each ordered something different, then shared it around, so I had steak, chicken and butterfish. Mmmm, butterfish.. We also shared a squishy chocolate puddingy thing for dessert. I could make a habit of dining like that regularly with these two.

I think it shows how far I've come that despite spending $30 on steak, I didn't feel ripped off that it wasn't the size of my head. I finished the meal feeling replete but not stuffed, and the small portions allowed me to enjoy the flavours without having to force down that last mouthful. Three years ago it would have been very different. Also, for a period of around 7 years between leaving Dargaville and coming to live in Wellington, I had no girlfriends. It brings me joy that my life is now filled with female company as well as male, and that I can enjoy intimate girly get-togethers. Thank you, ladies, for enriching my life.

Some people are very down on memes. "I never post memes on my lj!" is a common phrase. I'm kind of in two minds. I'm definitely not keen on those "Find out what shape toenail clipping you are by answering these three questions" ones, with added gigantic garish friendspage-eating graphic. I do occasionally do them, but I figure nobody else is really interested in whether I'm a Green Fairy or a Red Devil, so I generally don't post the result.

Other kinds of memes I find quite interesting though, especially the ones where you get to find out things about people, or where the topic of the meme provides a conversation starter, and give you prompts to ask your friends about things you wouldn't perhaps think to ask otherwise.

Yes, this is the preamble to a meme, so without further ado, courtesy of blur_kiwi (who often has good memes), have a meme:

In this one, you comment and I provide you with a letter of the alphabet. You then list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. If you like you can explain why you love them, or provide pictures or whatever. See? Simple. My letter was S:

I love:

Steak - I not only love the taste, but my body needs something that it provides so much that the boost I get from a good steak is almost like getting high.

Serendipity - Like when I took my sewing machine to KB with only one needle, only to find a full pack of sewing machine needles sitting unused on a shelf in a shed used for storing agricultural equipment when I got there.

Street art - Intelligent graffiti, large murals, installations - I love them all. They enrich my environment. Not keen on tagging though, it's a bit like pissing on lampposts and not really art.

Stompy boots - Especially with floaty skirts. I think it's the incongruity.

Shiny things - Who doesn't?

Sunshine - Something Wellington's been short of the last few years, but we've had plenty this year and it brightens everyone's day. In fact, I like all weather, as long as it's doing something. Grey days with nothing going on are dulling to the spirit.

Stranger talkers - I am naturally a little shy and reserved, and am unlikely to strike up conversation with a stranger. However, I like meeting people, so stranger-talkers are a wonderful bonus for me, since they provide an opening for those of us who are less outgoing.

Skirts - For years I wore nothing but pants. Skirts are more versatile to wear, feel nice swishing around your legs, and well, they make me feel like a girl.

San Francisco - I've been there twice and both times have been in love with the cosmopolitan vibe, the little narrow streets, the cultural variety and the people. Some of my favourite people are from San Francisco, and I would love to spend more time in the future exploring it.

And of course, Sheep.

For those of you who think all sheep look the same, check these out. I snapped them last night in a moment of peace and bonding while waiting for a water trough to fill up. They all came around to drink, and I got to watch them interacting as if I weren't there.

From this list, can you identify which one would be most appropriate to throw off the train? Or, more importantly, which one would throw you off? I reckon you can tell their personality (sheepanality?) from their features, just like people.

OK, enough with the sheep bombardment. If you'd like a letter, please comment. I'd love to find out what you love.

PS homagenz actually liked a movie that I liked. Time to celebrate!
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