tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Special day

Happy birthday rivet! May this year bring you joy, fulfilment and adventure in equal doses. *tacklehug* You are a light in my life, your laugh is infectious, may you continue to infect us all for years to come.

Speaking of joy, fulfilment and adventure, I realised yesterday that uni starts in a couple of weeks. In fact, my first lecture is on my Mum's birthday. Whenever I think about it, I get a small adrenaline thrill in my stomach, part fear, part anticipation. I had almost forgotten about it in the overwhelming rush of Stuff that was Kiwiburn and its aftermath. Strangely, the thing my negative mind is focusing on is the three-times-weekly hike up the hill to the lectures, rather than the work itself. Haha *points at self* cos it's all about priorities!

On the upside, I chatted with my boss yesterday and she's very cruisy about the 'making up time' side of my thrice-weekly disappearance. It's more or less, as long as I keep up with my work, there won't be any hassles from that side.

And Mum's blood tests came back looking excellent. She has another scan in a few weeks, but for now, she can continue to enjoy the unexpected reprieve. We finished her fence on Saturday, the next project is a large pond, for which she's been digging since the beginning of December. Heaving rocks around as therapy - who knew?

Billboard that appeared overnight outside work. I'm not sure what I think.

Meanwhile, if any of you are thinking of making a career change, become a tradesperson. The shortage is epidemic and isn't letting up any. We haven't been able to get a roofer to quote on the house yet, after several weeks. They are all so busy that a job like ours (difficult) just gets shunted down in the priority stakes - they don't need it. So, plenty of money to be made there.

And a sort of ethical question: People's safety vs people's freedom to express themselves in their own way? Where's the line?

PS Tommy sends a special Happy Birthday to rivet.
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