tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Of sheep and persian carpets

I know it's probably Bad or something, but I quite like the slight tan I got at Kiwiburn. I'm not talking cancer-purple like Frenchie got, it's more like the kind of slight colouring you get from spending a week in the sun, slathered in SPF30+ sunscreen. Some gets through anyway, I think I got a mild burn on the last day (not enough to peel), and the result is a couple of shades more golden than my usual sallow pasty-white, and I think I look more healthy because of it.

This last week I've noticed a bit of a nip in the air. This could be from spending 10 days in a virtual sauna, or it could be because the equinox is fast approaching and the season's about to turn again. Yesterday I deadheaded my garden and I noticed that the seedlings have stopped popping up. The cross has appeared on Mt Vic, and autumn's about to happen.

Along with this comes the seasonal dissatisfaction. This time round, the dissatisfaction is focused on my environment - I find myself wanting to change something about my surroundings. Back in the Day, I used to be quite the homebody, spending a lot of time and energy on making my surroundings as beautiful and aesthetic as possible. Somewhere along the way, that fell by the wayside in favour of more practical concerns. Yesterday, I passed a persian rug sale - you know the ones - those liquidation sales where it's "LAST OF STOCK!! BE QUICK OR MISS OUT!!!" for six weeks or so, then three months later they're back?

Anyway, I've always wanted a persian rug. Used to be I couldn't afford one, now I have nowhere to put one. Along with my beanbags (luxury), the art I've bought in moments of inspiration, and the pot plants I have traditionally filled my home with. And as I passed the sale, I felt a stab of domesticity that almost hurt.

I find myself wondering when I will get back to a place where I get to indulge my desire to create a beautiful environment around myself. I am very happy where I am, it's the ideal setup to achieve the goal I had in mind when I moved to the city, and I'm levels of magnitude closer to that goal in the 7 years since I made the move. So, I'm now thinking what I can do to indulge this desire to be 'nesting', while staying in this advantageous position.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to be in this situation, so - anyone got suggestions? Preferably things that allow me to continue with the attempts to Do Less Stuff as well. See? I don't ask much.

One thing that jumps out as obvious is that it's time for some clothes spending. Conveniently, I get paid on Friday. I'm thinking of heading out to Porirua to SaveMart Saturday afternoon to do some treasure trove digging. Anyone wanna come with?

PS I got sheep yesterday. They were wet and bedraggled and somewhat confused by this wet stuff falling out of the sky - some of them have only experienced it once or twice in their lives. They were also just what the doctor ordered. I get to pretend they're mine till mid-March. I plan to make the most of it.
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