tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Last night I dreamed about Topper

Topper was my last horse. He was a bright red bay mongrel stationbred stock horse (something like 3 parts thoroughbred, a bit of standardbred with some pony), not particularly good looking, with a penchant for destroying horse covers, bucking when fresh, and throwing shoes at inopportune moments. I loved him:

That's us participating in the potato race at the Tinui Horse Sports (it's a bit crappy because it's pre-digital days and so a photo of a photo). I loved him so much I had him shipped down here when I moved from Northland. Poor bugger didn't know what struck him when the first winter here, it snowed.

Topper and me were together for seven years. I still miss him, and last night I dreamed about him, and woke up with tears on my pillow. Now I'm thinking about those days. Look how happy I look in that picture.
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