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The Epic KB08 Post (TM)

Being back in the city is taking a bit of getting used to. It's very noisy here, and full of people dressed in normal clothes, not smiling and having other places to be.

One thing I noticed this year about our Burn was that it had that sidetrack factor - where you set off on a mission and end up taking forever to get there because Things keep happening and People keep happening and OOH Look, Shiny Thing keeps happening. rivet and I spent two hours trying to get out of the main paddock on Saturday night - we just kept getting recycled back in..

Also, we had our first enquiry as to how to get a paddock name. Does this mean we've arrived?

This is the flag that flew at the Pink Moa. For a while, the flag belonging to the Skullfuck Bar flew there too. Mostly because the Skullfuckers were too Skullfucked to get out of bed. We could have also taken their sub, their tent and probably their women without them noticing at this point.

There may be some friendly rivalry developing between the rave camp and the .. umm.. whatever that was.. camp. Next year, a plan may be afoot to wire our decks to their sound system while they're sleeping. Bwuahhahaa!

The Pink Moa sign. The other side says "We have you now."

And here's the reason for the sign:

What can I say? We bring the Pink. And the JetPilot. And the Helix, the RichdRich and the FiDJit. Mostly in pink clothing with fluoro pink hair. For all your 'reach for the lasers when there are no lasers' needs, and your listening pleasure. And the Eyegouging Pinkness Of Doooom! Thanks guys, you rocked my Burn.

At one point, a rival sound camp named The Sheep End brought their art car to challenge the Moa:

Yes that is a giant sheep's head attached to the front of a Hiace van. Naturally, the Moa won this challenge through sheer weight of noise and Pink Overload.

We deliberately placed our camp at the end of the road. All roads lead to the Pink Moa. We didn't realise at the time that rainbows also end there..

So what else happened at Kiwiburn? Surely it wasn't all about the Pink Moa! Well, no, it wasn't. There was other stuff too.

This is Yonderman's art. It's called Cincophoria, and turned out to be a great place for dancing to the psytrance provided by DropZone camp next door - with convenient cushions and shiny rope lighting for those who needed to just chill. I liked DropZone, although I thought their endless 16-bar loop on Monday morning was a little.. endless.

One of the things people did this year was build little effiigies to burn along with the Man. These were called Morphies, and as you can see, some of them took on a life of their own.

Here's Polly's Put The Kettle On, home of the giant teapot, lots of friendly faces, coffees, teas and mothering for the needy, and the best shade in the afternoon. Also, lit up at night it made a brilliant beacon for those of us in Next Camp to find our way home.

And here's one of the members, Serendipity. She's heading for Wellington soon, and yes she's the one that was in the paper. When she gets here, we have to keep her, mmk?

Of course it's normal to find people dangling randomly from trees. For all you BM addicts, WE HAVE TREES! Trees rock, especially when you find hot people dangling from them in artistic ways.

This is the Wendy House. Which came to be known as Wendy's Box. Yes, there was a party in my box every night. And "Have you been in Wendy's Box yet?" became the question of the day. Can I just say that if you didn't get into my box over the weekend, you missed out.

This was taken just after I started. Outside, it was a 4m square black box with a white roof and a ladder. It took some folks a while to figure out how to get in. Once inside, it was waist deep in balloons. What happened then? Use your imagination.

It required quite a lot of upkeep. *cough* Next year my art will be something that doesn't need rejuvenating daily. *nod* However, I have the bug for large scale interactive art even more now. *gulp*

This is part of the Temple. It consisted of a merkabah surrounded by six cubbies in which people created their own little space - once again driven and created by the people who were there.

On Friday, Hippie Tim came down with appendicitis and had to be shipped off in an ambulance for emergency surgery. By Saturday, one of the cubbies had become dedicated to Hippie. We kept this panel for him, since he missed the burn.

Here's the Dodgy Roger. no Burn is complete without a pirate ship. To all you BM addicts out there, WE HAVE A LAKE! ;-)

There were also some surfing hippies, several wenches, and some bare butts. The place where the Dodgy Roger was moored is also a popular landing spot for local waterskiers, and some of them had their eyes opened in surprising ways ..

Las Caravanas De Los Muertos. The Caravans of The Dead.. they had a Fridge of the Dead, a Chapel of the Dead, and, as you can see, a Johnny Payphone of the Dead.

What Mexican themed camp is complete without a tequila siesta, hmm?

Impromptu jam at Centre Camp in the Saturday afternoon shade. These guys entertained me and all the people who were helping me blow up balloons for the afternoon. Thanks guys!

I'm a big fan of jam sessions, you never know what you're going to get.

I managed to catch Kiwi in the early morning - this doesn't happen very often. Kiwi was the main motivating force behind the Man this year, although as usual, the community jumped in and he took on a life of his own. The Man sat there like Abe Lincoln all week, and on burn night stood up with his arms in the air (reach for the lasers), and then went up in a most spectacular and surprising (even to those who set it up) way. I like this photo of Kiwi and the Man. It's not often Kiwi stands still long enough for a pic.

After the Man burned, the Temple was thrown on the pyre accompanied by Tibetan chanting, and then Pearl's fire labyrinth was lit and everyone walked it, including the firemen. *glee*

This is Forgot Our Tent Camp:

And here's how everyone found their way around:

Who am I kidding? Most people navigated by the giant teapot, and the rest of the time it was all about the aimless wandering.

And finally, to all you BM addicts out there - WE HAVE A LAKE! AND TREES! And someone who knows how to personify relaxation...

Heh. The rest of my photos here.

Memories: Getting ranted at by Astrology Lady about Radio Insomnia and after 20 minutes still not being able to tell my Uranus from my Aries and having no clue what she was trying to tell me; finding the ends of my sentences (and Bunny's) down by the lake; taking my balloons into the confessional booth; DJ Insomnia doing the TimeWarp in Centre Camp; giving myself and half the camp hypoxia; having random people run up to me and going "I LOVE YOUR BOX!"; surfing hippies; hugging Polly while the Man exploded; the aftermath of the Jafab/Trailer Trash wedding; the Pink Moa tent being stolen and it Not Being A Problem as the entire camp came together to help us sort out a new structure; Fargo Dan's acid green fun fur codpiece; Skat - "Hey there's three really nice people over there, I saw them, go see them!"; the Green Fairy full of fluro freaks every night; Zeut's face when the psi hoop came to her; Jack's fire breathing, Thomas's pyjamas...

..too much.

Mostly, this year was about learning for me. I can't/won't list everything I've been given to take away from this, but for those of you who have a clue or two, thank you so very much for it. *much love*

And I'll leave you to everyone else's stories and pics, with this, yoinked artfully from beagl:

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