tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Hey, I'd photocopy my butt too, if it were as nice as that one!

7am on a Saturday morning is proof both that god exists and that god doesn't exist. Yes folks, I'm going for Schrodinger's god, and using 7am Saturday to back my statement. How many of you were up and about at that time to tell me I'm wrong, huh?

Anyway, there were sheep. There was a camera pointing at me, and filming my every second cut, flail, and shaggy bit. Also probably getting my tits hanging out as the sheep managed to get its hoof inside the arm of my singlet (English Leicesters take aim) and stretch it beyond its means.

Then there was a fence. To look at it, you wouldn't think it was built by a couple of desk jockeys. We are inordinately proud of our achievement, and it really sets off Mum's house.

Now, there are pooter bits going together. Right now it's verifying disk integrity for the second time (in case it missed something the first time) before partitioning ready for the brand new OS. grist is Making It Go for me tonight, and then after I leave on Monday, he'll have 10 days to Tweak It at his leisure.

I have much to be excited about. My brain got woken up a bit yesterday, now it's prowling like a caged tiger looking for something to gnaw on.

Also, I'm bleaching in preparation for Pinkness. Doing it tonight means I'll spend tomorrow looking a bit.. odd.. but it'll save me being up till midnight. Anyone else who wants to join in the Pinkness tomorrow afternoon, let me know.
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