tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Mad skillz0rz! Seriously.

This morning's tally:

Car doors opened in front of me: 2
Cars backing out of driveways in front of me: 2
Cars pulling into driveways and cutting me off, forcing evasive action: 3
Toots from guys in courier vans: 3
Pedestrians changing direction suddenly: 1
Cyclists cussing at me: 1
Cyclists cussing generally: 3

The first 5 things on this list I can understand. People in cars don't notice skaters as anything other than pedestrians, and often misjudge how fast we're going. The guys backing out of driveways generally can't see down the pavement till their ass is already blocking it. Guys in courier vans toot at everyone, and a woman skating in singlet top and shorts is sure to get it. Pedestrians have the right to change direction if they want.

But the cyclists? Bloody hell what a foul mouthed lot. Disclaimer here, I have several friends who cycle to work and I know they are nice people. But some of the ones who come in down the Gorge and along the Quays seem to have some kind of entitlement complex going on. I was carrying my skates down the Gorge this morning (skating down there in morning traffic is certain death), and it was lovely and quiet, when the peace was shattered by a loud voice yelling "FOR FUCKS SAKE (something -dont?) OVERTAKE ON THE INSIDE DICKHEAD!!!!"

Now, whether Dickhead was doing something dodgy or dangerous is neither here nor there - is that kind of thing really necessary? Then there was the guy who was cycling along just swearing to himself. And the one that cussed at a pedestrian on the waterfront for being in the way. WTF?

I have observed that the cyclists who are rude also seem to be the ones who are all dressed up in the gear as if they are winning the Tour de France instead of commuting to some crappy desk job. Hey, maybe it's the Tour de France in their head, and that's awesome. But this Tour de France contains other people who have as much right to be there as they do, and being rude just makes them look like assholes. Overdressed assholes at that.

So can someone please explain to me what it is about wearing bright yellow lycra and being on a bike that makes a person turn into Mr Rude I Own The Road?

OK, done now.

In other news, the world shearing record has been broken for the first time since 1999. The guy shore 560 ewes in 8 hours. As a comparison, back in 1997, I was part of an attempt at 501 in 9 hours. I find it almost inconceivable how fast these guys can shear, while retaining quality. The cut sheep (one) was removed from the tally. That's 51.43 seconds/sheep, without cutting them. *bows to these guys' skills*

I have 13 sheep to shear on Saturday. I wonder if there's a record for the least sheep shorn in 8 hours?

Finally, new pooter total = $377. Not up on the spec, but better than my last one. Reasons I love my brother number 798.
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