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segrada, check this out. thesecondcircle (who is smart and a writer and I have her book and stuff), has posted on the topic of keeping objectivity towards outcome without losing drive to work towards goals. She writes way better than me, and has some ideas that I didn't come up with.

In other news, yesterday I made $65 before grist got out of bed - only to discover that he's on call at the moment, so he's actually getting paid while he's asleep. Hehehee. My clients from yesterday are some of my favourites. While new to sheep, they are willing to admit ignorance and ask advice, and most importantly, put advice into action. They've made improvements since last time I was there, and just bought a handpiece so they can learn to crutch their own sheep. I'm off out there soon to teach them how to use it, free of charge (their sheep don't need crutching right now because I just shore them).

Their new handpiece looks like this and runs off mains power. It cost them $300 on TradeMe and fits standard combs and cutters. It's a bit unwieldy to use, and not designed for fast shearers (which means that for me on the long blow, the motor struggles a little but the rest of the time it's fine). 50m extension cords for outdoors are around $7 each. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, in terms of my portable machine replacement issues? ;-)

Also, while there I experienced one of those weird moments when Im realised I was shearing one of the sheep for the third time, and this is her third owner. She's been passed from pillar" to post and finally settled with people who will look after her well. How did I recognise her? She has a hoary great scar on her face from being chewed by a dog while with her first owner, whose German Shepherd that ran loose in their section all day, next to the paddock where the sheep were kept, and "Would never do anything like that!" They were ignorant enough to warrant a post at the time. I'm glad this sheep has found a place where she'll be looked after. It's also kind of cool to have 'history' with people's sheep. Not that the sheep care, or look forward to my visits. ;-)

Today is all about painting Mum's new fence. And watering my wilty flowers that are singing the desert song.

Finally, everyone should watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off every now and then. It's dated and a bit unsubtle, but it's also cool and feelgood and a reminder of how easy it is to have fun by just living.
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