tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Apropos of nothing

Last night when I got home I was very very hungry - you know when it feels like your stomach is starting to digest itself? Yeah. ;-/ So, I ate food, not too much, mostly plants. Then I gorged myself on ice cream. (dairy products 10, willpower 0)


Thus ensued a dream adventure in which my boss hit on me while I was at work, which was in my bed, which was in an airport. She hit on me because I was so diplomatic in my flaming of Rhiannon, who had posted 8 screens of Livejournal posts full of diagrams from an anatomy book. Then I went to Bali with Polly. We took bread. While we were in the queue to get on the plane, a lesbian couple admired our bread, then assuming that we were also a couple, started asking us if we have more domestics after eating bread, to which we giggled a lot and said no, but you should try steak.

I like fun, random and completely meaningless dreams.

In other news, I now understand why 256 colour is not favoured. The Dog (I should call it something better than that in case it takes the hump), um.. the Princess will only run in 256 colour with my LED monitor (which was invented way after the Princess was), and it makes photos look very weird. I am looking forward to getting a new pooter sorted.

You should see Once. It's showing right now at the Paramount, and I thought it was really good.

I have to grind my shearing gear tonight. 10 combs and about 40 cutters. Don't you wish you were me?
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