tatjna (tatjna) wrote,


Woot! New skates and a tailwind = 5 minutes off my time!

Young suited accountanty-guy in the lift looked a little surprised when pink-and-orange haired old lady skated in at speed, panting and grinning, then proceeded to remove skates as the lift went up to the sixth floor, getting down to socks just in time to step out. Sorted. Hehe.

I also had my first prang this morning. Yes, in the railway station. Stoopid brick paving. Zooming round a corner, there's a strip of tape across the way saying "DANGER DO NOT ENTER!" It's too late to stop so I duck under and have to swerve as I come up again to avoid a hoary great trunk that's parked across the pavement, and whoopsie. Luckily nobody saw. ;-)

And, I saw two other women skating to work this morning. One of them is a girl I know, a skater from Back In The Day when I first moved to Wellington, who can skate rings around me. The other is a new face. Nice.

On the downside, with all this climbing and skating, I'm back to 56kg. I'm wondering if I should start weighing myself at night instead of when I have my shower in the morning. I'm told you get heavier as the day goes on...

Tommy made it home ok. His plane was delayed so we sat in the airport and he regaled me with stories of how one time his Dad failed to pick him up on time and he was left sitting in Auckland airport for four hours - luckily he's resourceful and he went to the staff, who looked after him and entertained him while he waited. But WTF? Makes me not want to put him on the plane. About all I can do is promise him that I will NEVER do that to him.

It's very hard to be neutral about his father (I try not to badmouth him to Tommy) when I hear stories like that. ;-/

In other news, the fire ban at Whakamaru is now official as of yesterday. Rain dances will be appreciated from those who care about such things.
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