tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The Black Bitch is dead - the end of an era

She came to me in 2002, in a trade whereby I bought Gadgit a fancy (at the time) new box with a blue LED display that beat in time to music, and he gave me his old box. At the time it was a huge upgrade. OMG no more making coffee while waiting for startup!

And that did me fine until the advent of WoW in late 2004, when I spent $800 on her - new motherboard, new RAM, a couple of power supplies in between, and away she went again. Last year was one new hard drive - I think I've bought her about three in the last 5 years. And a shiny black keyboard and mouse as Christmas presents from grist who has more sense of colour coordination than many might think..

The last couple of months, she's been getting kind of dodgy. Odd things, silly things. Yesterday, the keyboard mysteriously became unrecognisable, fixed by a reboot. But tonight, when I got home, the HDD button was flashing, the mouse was flashing, and she was making that *chunk chunk chunk* noise that signals a hard drive going nuts doing nothing. No response on the monitor. No response from the power off button. I had to pull the main power cable off to stop her.

Switching back on resulted in power supply and CPU fan noises, but no hard drive whirring and no happy beep - not even a sad beep was to be heard. grist had a look, pulled things out, reseated the memory, fiddled around, and pronounced it terminal. Motherboard is mothered. The pooter is so old that my chances of getting one that fits new are zero, and no way am I buying a second hand mobo.

So, time for the Black Bitch to go where all good old pooters go, and for my awesomely ubergeeky brother to do his magic in finding me a new box with a crappy 20G harddrive (since I have several perfectly good ones already) and a crappy CDrom (since the Bitch donated some organs on her demise). And for my newly sorted finances to come into play. Heheeeee!

So, how am I making this post? I told you, I live with the ubergeek. He had an old dog lying around, and because grist believes that being without the internet is cruel and unusual punishment, it's now on my desk, on top of the old Black Bitch Box, which is now a very expensive and shiny table. It fired up first pop, surprising us both.

All going well, I should be back up and running with a new Bitch by the weekend. Meanwhile, I have net but nothing else.

The Bitch is dead. Long live the Bitch.

While I'm at it with the techy stuff, does anyone who reads this know of someone local that repairs Marshall guitar amps? We have one in need of a coat of looking at.
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